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You’ve got to have somewhere for your friends and family to gather and celebrate.

But finding the perfect wedding venue isn’t easy. There are so many options to choose from. So here are a few reasons why The Nut Farm is the perfect wedding venue for you.


Perfect Wedding Venue


Why The Nut Farm is Your Perfect Wedding Venue


1. So many décor styles

Our venue goes with so many wedding décor styles and feels. It ticks so many décor and theme category boxes, a blank canvas style wedding venue;


  • Elegant
  • Versatile
  • Modern
  • Rustic
  • Eco
  • Spectacular view
  • Farm
  • Chic
  • Vintage


2. Gay Friendly

We are here to make Your Dream Wedding Venue a reality. We simply believe that love in all forms, shapes and sizes deserve only the best. Because Love never discriminates and it’s beautiful. That’s why we want you to be treated with love and care every step of your journey until your big day.


Gay Friendly wedding venue


3. Pet Friendly

Our pets resemble our relatives, so it’s just fitting to remember them for a day as unique as your wedding. Pet-accommodating wedding venues are places that offer a lot of space for our furry creatures and are agreeable for people and pets the same.


Pet Friendly Wedding Venue


4. Delicious Food

At the Nut Farm, we love food and we love serving you. Our catering service for weddings is both, personal and delicious. With our team, we promise you the freshest, local ingredients, hand-crafted cooking sprinkled with our unique whimsical elegance and exceptional service. Our passion is stirred by the colours, flavours and textures found in our beautiful venue.

We believe that your unique wedding menu should reflect you and your partner’s tastes and preferences. Planning your dream wedding menu should be fun and focused on your unique style and vision.


Delicious Food


5. Exceptional Service

At the Nut Farm We are passionate about offering you the utmost best quality of service. Our waiters will always be ready to serve you and never out of sight. We strive in giving you detail orientated service from our staff to fit each individual’s needs. Need drink? Need another slice of pizza? Spilled your drink? No problem we got you covered.


Exceptional Service


6. Friendly Staff

Our staff will always greet and serve you with a smile and willing to help you anyway possible. Good vibes all around at our venue. Negative vibes simply do not exist here. Making it the perfect happy place for your wedding. Nobody wants their wedding at a venue where the staff doesn’t greet you, no smiles and half-hearted help. So, don’t worry we will make sure the good and positive vibes are flowing.




7. You are unique

Here we know each wedding and couple is uniquely different and we strive to give you the tailored experience according to your needs and style.




8. We help you with sourcing suppliers

Most couples have no idea where to begin with planning the wedding and where to get the suppliers they need. Don’t worry we have a list to sort you out.


Wedding suppliers


9. Personalised Cocktail

Included at each and every wedding here a personalised cocktail for your welcome drinks after the ceremony. This cocktail is tailor made to your tastes and even if requested your theme or wedding colours.


Personalised Cocktail


10. Wedding Coordinator

Yes, that’s right included in your wedding is an inhouse wedding coordinator that will guide you every step of the way from your site visit till last call at your wedding. Always there and ready to help.


Wedding Coordinator


Have you fallen in love with our venue?

Talk to our passionate wedding coordinator that we can make your special day magical | 010 446 7694 | 061 064 6612

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