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Pinterest is a world of inspiration for brides with dreamy archways, design heels, fancy decor and DIY ideas to keep you busy until your golden wedding anniversary.

Fairy lights, transparent marquees, pampas grass bouquets and gold leaf wedding cakes. If you look at these alluring bridal ideas for too long, it will make your head spin.

Are you spending too much time on Pinterest? Here are five signs you are using Pinterest too much for your wedding planning. 

Are You Dreaming?

Pinterest is built on the idea of dreaming. Discover your dream wedding bouquet, shoes, venue and dress and pin it on a board. But if you start to literally dream about Pinterest while you are sleeping, it might mean you have Pinterest overload. 

Your brain is so overloaded with Pinterest visions that they are invading your precious sleep time. Calm your overactive mind and don’t surf Pinterest right before bed.

Your Husband-to-be Thinks Pinterest Is A Real Person

Not only does your fiancé think Pinterest is a person, but your bridesmaids are starting to think you work for Pinterest. If you are beginning your sentences with any of the following over breakfast, you might have a problem:

  • According to Pinterest…
  • I saw that photo on Pinterest…
  • Are you Pinterested in going to a movie tonight because…
  • I don’t know what I would do without Pinterest…

Your Pinterest Boards Get Into Triple Digits

Boards are a great way to gather your ideas into one place. You can get a clear picture of what you want for your wedding flowers, decor, attire and other details. When your board is full, you can eliminate some ideas until you get to the one. 

But if you have too many boards, it could be a sign of obsession. Make a board for florals. You don’t need individual boards for bouquets, buttonholes, centerpieces, archways, confetti cones and flower girl baskets. 

You Won’t Have Time For All The DIY Projects You Pinned

Your DIY queen will be alive and ruling the house, or at least the living room, which will be covered in fancy paper, luxury linens, glitter, calligraphy pens and ornate stationery embellishments.

While making your wedding decorations can be fun, rewarding and save some money, it also is very time-consuming. You might need several attempts to get it perfect and if you start too soon, you will change your mind for another design before the wedding day. 

Narrow down your DIY projects for the wedding into something manageable and you will find the perfect balance. If you feel you have discovered a hidden passion for creating wedding decor, you can also volunteer your arty services to a friend who is next to walk down the aisle.

You Are Obsessed With Wedding Signs

Wedding signs are great when they help your guests find their way or get the information they need. They are on-trend and can delight your photographer. But there is such a thing as too many signs and we see some weddings that have #toomanysigns

It’s no wonder brides are so drawn to Pinterest, but it can suck up a lot of hours of your precious time. Here are some hints to control yourself when it comes to Pinterest.

  • Limit your hours spent on Pinterest each day
  • Don’t play on Pinterest at work (except maybe on your lunch hour)
  • Be specific on your search terms. Search for forest green bridesmaids dresses for summer rather than best bridal party fashion

Don’t get us wrong because we adore Pinterest as much as any bride. We get ideas for our wedding venue, The Nut Farm, from Pinterest too. But all good things in moderation right?

This article was partly serious, partly light-hearted, so if you want to send us your Pinterest boards and talk about your wedding, we truly would love nothing more!