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Choosing the right colour scheme for your wedding is essential to creating the right aesthetic and mood for your big day. Whilst various colour trends come in and out of fashion from year to year, it’s important to base your choice on a colour that resonates with you personally. Whether you opt for a subtle hue or a bold collection of shades, the colours that you use for your wedding attire and to decorate your venue have a powerful effect.

Here, we explore some top tips for choosing a colour scheme for your wedding, to ensure you have the perfect day.

Pair classic white with gentle hues

White represents purity, innocence and elegance, and as such it’s  classically synonymous with a wedding. You can add personality with gentle shades of sage green, powder blue or dusky pink, or even add metallic tones for a luxurious atmosphere.

You could also opt for neutral shades of beige for a warm, earthy feel, or even greys and silver for an edgy aesthetic. If you’re planning a tropical destination wedding, light colours are perfect for keeping you, your bridal party and groomsmen cool in the sun. White also looks stunning against the lush backdrop of golden sands and dazzling blue skies.

Use colour to inspire emotion

Colours can be used to evoke emotions, and each has its own way of adding mood and feeling to a space. Bright colours spark joy and happiness, a fitting attribute to your wedding. Yellow represents positivity, happiness and curiosity, and is lovely for summer or autumn weddings. Blue has long-associated feelings of serenity, tranquillity and calmness, which can be wonderful for an intimate, smaller wedding. Pinks inspire femininity, a gentle playfulness and romance, whilst red signifies love and luck universally.

You can use the meanings of colour to help you choose the right bridesmaid dresses, sashes, flowers, and other attributes of your wedding. If you’re feeling creative, there’s no need to stick to just one, either. Choosing colours that complement each other helps to add depth to your wedding palette.

Consider your venue

It’s wise to consider your venue when deciding on your ideal colour palette. Whether you’re looking at home or away, consider the natural colours prominent in your location and venue, to help you choose a colour scheme that will work beautifully.

You could also look to the season to inspire your choice. Festive favourites for winter weddings include vibrant reds and purples; whilst autumnal weddings may lean more towards yellows, oranges and neutral shades of brown and beige. A summer wedding can be minimalistic or bold, with either delicate neutrals and muted shades or a bright selection of brilliant colours.

Make a mood board

Ultimately, the only solid rule for picking a colour scheme for your wedding is that you should love it. Creating a few different mood boards is a great way to test your devotion to a colour scheme before ordering all of your decorations, flowers and supplies. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to choosing the perfect colour scheme for your wedding.