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With everyone being more environmentally orientated its great to know that you can even incorporate this way of life into your wedding planning and day by doing a wedding website instead of doing invitations and thank you cards you send out to your guests.

The Top Wedding Websites in South Africa

A wedding website is so much more than a way to invite your guests, doing RSVP’s and thank you cards. You can share your journey till your wedding day, planning, ideas, tips, photos, videos, notes to guests and even lots of different things before – on and after your honeymoon.  So, you can be different, unique and as a bonus help mother earth out.

So here are some of the favourite top wedding websites for your consideration:

  1. Gray Solutions – Solutions

  1. The Wedding Website –

  1. The Wedding WebsiteWOWW –

  1. WOWWSulit Design –

Sulit Design

  1. Shift Events –

  1. Shift Events

  2. Wix –

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