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12 Wedding tips for groomsmen and the Groom

By 22nd October 2020No Comments

All the Wedding tips for groomsmen and groom you need to know. Just a little help in the right direction. You would wish you knew this sooner.

Wear your heart on your sleeve
Don’t be afraid to show emotions. There is nothing wrong with crying on your wedding day. Both Smiles and tears create perfect photo moments. But don’t worry your photographer won’t post anything online without your permission. So don’t be afraid to let your emotions show.

Be Prepared
If you want some photos with you and your groomsmen getting ready. Be prepared as your photographer needs to take the photos quickly to get back to the bride. In other words, don’t take a shower when you know the photographer will be there soon. So be ready and make sure your mates are too as this will help the photographer so much in taking great photos quickly.

Try and avoid using your phone as much as possible. Of course, if you need to plan the travel or need to contact someone that’s ok. But if everything is in one location all day, then enjoy your wedding without a phone. You don’t want to spend the time glued to your phone. There will be no time to relax and truly enjoy your wedding if your head is stuck in your phone.

Open or closed jacket on your wedding date?
Its easier to leave your jacket open all day, the reason is very very very simple. You should open your jacket when sitting and close it when standing. But men forget to open their jackets when sitting and then your shirt and jacket lifts and it doesn’t look too appetizing at all. In this case, better open and have a much more relaxed look. If the Groom decides to leave his jacket open, all the groomsmen should open their jackets as well and leave them open all day. Much more comfortable anyway.

Lose the clutter
Don’t leave anything in your pockets during your wedding day! Things like car keys, coins, phones, and the list go on. Pockets get very bulky and your photographer can’t edit that in photoshop later unless you want terrible photos don’t do it. You can hold anything you need in your jacket. It will look much better in your photos. Leave the rest of your bits and pieces in the car or hotel room. You don’t need it anyway!

Manage Your Men
You know which friend loses his car keys at least once a week. Probably best not to make him responsible for bringing the rings to the ceremony. And your mate who tends to drink too much. Make sure one of your more reliable (or sober) groomsmen keeps him from flirting with your fiance’s mom or being an embarrassment at the rehearsal dinner. Your groomsmen don’t have to be saints, but they will have responsibilities, and it’s your job to make sure they know what they are.

Buttonholes should be worn on the left!
This is easy to remember when you think of one simple rule: Women on the right as they are always right! For argument sake lol. So, men on the left side. Don’t put the buttonhole into the small hole in your suit. They need to be pinned. Ask your Mom or your sister or anyone to help with that or the Best Man. That way it looks good.

Give Her a Break
If your bride to be is doing all of the planning for your wedding, she’s probably bordering on wedding overload. You need to make sure she doesn’t have an ulcer, breakdown (or a grudge!) by the time she walks down the aisle. Give her a night to relax and cook her dinner, set up a bath with bubbles + music + candles, do the dishes, put her favorite movie on (yes, even a chick flick), and remind her why wedding planning is worth the stress.

Get Sentimental
On the day of your wedding, send her a gift, flowers, chocolates, a mixed tape (nowadays a USB), or a sweet note to read while she’s getting ready. Or, at the reception, pull the videographer aside and tape a special message to her. She’ll see it later and she’ll love you all the more.

The First Kiss.
This should be an easy request for you to carry out. KISS MORE THAN ONCE – This gives the photographer more of a chance in case they miss the first kiss, they have the second kiss to make sure the moment is captured. Take your time and hold tight. It’s your first kiss as a married couple!!! And who doesn’t love getting kissed anyway?

Eyes on the Prize!
Don’t look at the camera during the ceremony, look at your Bride as often as you can and smile at your Bride during the ceremony. She will smile back every time! Hold each other’s hands during the ceremony, not the mass booklets. This is a romantic occasion anyway.

With This Ring.
Look into your Bride’s eyes when you exchange rings and vows. Try not to look at the ground or the marriage officiant! When you are looking at your Wife to be, it always creates romantic and magical photos!