All-inclusive Luxury Wedding Package

We have you covered, just add a dressed bride an groom for an amazing time!

  • Venue hire (Any day of the week or year)
  • Catering (Harvest Table or Plated)
  • Photography Package (Choice of Photographers to suite your style)
  • Two Nights Accommodation  for Bridal Couple
  • Bridal Makeup
  • Decor and Flowers
  • Welcome Snacks & Drinks
  • Wedding Cake (Three Tier)
  • DJ
  • Wedding Stationary

All for 80 guest at R239 000

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9 Reasons to get an all-inclusive Luxury Wedding Package Today

All-inclusive wedding settings are cheaper
  1. All-inclusive wedding package settings are cheaper.

There’s just no way around it. Since everything is beneath one roof, they can take care of all the details for a lower cost than you bringing in a hoard of diverse vendors.

It’ll take the pressure off
  1. It’ll take the pressure off

The coordination of all the wedding planning can be exceptionally stressful even for the most extremely relaxed couple so finding a venue that gives so many of the desired services you want in-house, from your wedding ceremony, cake, flowers, DJ to your evening excitement, will truly ease the pressure and free up your time for the all-important dress and honeymoon shopping!

It’s all they do
  1. It’s all they do.

Day in, day out, they arrange weddings. It’s one of the reasons they can ensure less stress. They were made to arrange astounding weddings. They have the time, people, and abilities. They’ll take care of it.  You’ll have your own in-house wedding planner and coordinator which will tune in to you and take the stress from you which is a massive extra bonus for you. Your planner will give you the best advise too. Normally a wedding planner and coordinator would cost you a pretty penny and now its included? Wow how can you say no to that.

In case there’s an issue, they are on it.
  1. In case there’s an issue, they are on it.

If you arranged on having an outdoor wedding on their premises, but it’s raining cats and pooches, they will move everything inside and make sure beyond any doubt the entire day STILL runs smoothly. As well many guests and not enough food? No issue! Their kitchen and chef are on location, prepared to conquer. No stress for you, so you’ll appreciate your big day like nothing ever happened!

Your overnight stay is included
  1. Your overnight stay is included

Most brides and grooms choose to stay at the venue the day before the big day and the day of the wedding. It is such a great touch to have everybody within the same place for the term of the wedding, investing quality time together.

All-inclusive settings spare time
  1. All-inclusive settings spare time.

On your wedding day, timing is everything. You need to have time to get dressed, do hair, makeup, and photos, in addition to all the other small things that come up that day. In case you select an all-inclusive venue, you’ll have more time to deal with all the small details. Also, your guests can go to the ceremony and effortlessly move to the reception since it’ll be on-site. You won’t need to stress about out-of-town guests getting lost on their way to a different location.

Food will be ready to go. Drinks will be streaming. Everything will be smooth. If your venue offers lodging for the bride and groom, it’s even easier, since you’ll just head over to your suite after the party! And that’s just the wedding! Think of all the time you’ll save before the wedding with arranging. You won’t need to meet with 40 different vendors and mull over who will work best. Your organizer will help you take care of all of it!

You’ll get the best catering options
  1. You’ll get the best catering options

The issue of finding suppliers can be a huge challenge in wedding planning with caterers and liquor being the most troublesome ones to choose and source. So it’s just easier to have a venue that offers in house catering that will leave your mouth watering and bar services that quench your guests thirsts, whilst taking stress out of sourcing a caterer and bar services.

The entire day will be in one place
  1. The entire day will be in one place

The venue offers the total wedding package in one place, the ceremony, the reception, the evening party and even rooms- there’s no need for wedding cars and no time squandered moving between venues so the entire party can just unwind and appreciate the day!

There are no hidden costs
  1. There are no hidden costs

Finally, and perhaps most vitally the wedding package are exceptionally clear. Detailed information and steps are discussed beforehand. So, you know precisely what to expect – there are no hidden costs and surprises – just fantastic wedding days custom-made to you to create memories that last a lifetime.

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