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We are total fans of their work and we know that they will handle your big day with the same quality and professionalism as we strive for.
We do not get a "kick-back" for recommending any of these vendors. We honestly can say that we recommend them because we have had a great experience, and we like them! But please don’t feel pressured to collaborate with them if you already have someone in mind.

wedding for 200 GuestsAbout the Wedding Venue
23rd Apr 2020

Planning a wedding for 200 Guests?

  When planning your big day for a wedding for 200 guests can be very stressful. So why not book with us we got you covered with an all-inclusive package.…
23 Questions to ask your wedding venue The Nut FarmWedding Venues
27th Mar 2020

23 Eye-opening Questions to ask your wedding venue

You’ve already landed the fiancé. Now it’s time to nail down the venue. 23 Questions to ask your wedding venue.  As a wedding venue, we know what Questions to ask…
All the Questions you need to ask your wedding venue from A-ZWedding Venues
5th May 2020

The Leading All-inclusive Wedding Venue questions checklist

Confused by all the beautiful options when it comes to wedding venues? We have compiled a Complete Wedding Venue questions checklist from A-Z A wedding venue will mean different things…
Live Stream your WeddingWeddings
24th Jun 2020

Live Stream your Wedding, a Wondrous Way to Have Everyone There

There may be a way to have everyone you want there without being there physically: Live Stream your Wedding! Whether you are getting married in a destination wedding location or…
Vegan WeddingWedding Venues
20th Apr 2020

Vegan Wedding, 15 Guidelines to Throwing a Successful Wedding

  Weddings are the idealize opportunity to share your extraordinary relationship and way of life along with your guests. For a developing number of couples, which means facilitating a vegetarian…
Eco Friendly Wedding styled shoot at The Nut farmStyled Shoots
16th Apr 2020

Eco Friendly Wedding, Keeping your Special day Gorgeous and Green

Want to making a positive impact on the world while planning your wedding? We have recently had an Eco Friendly Wedding styled shoot at The Nut farm from hemp wedding…
Things to do in Harties, Daredevil - Bill Harrop's Original Balloon SafarisHarties
10th Aug 2020

Things to do in Harties, Daredevil Adventure for the Passionate

Find adrenaline-pumping things to do in Harties for any couple to enjoy whether it’s a vacation, mini-break, honeymoon, pre-wedding or destination wedding activity for the bachelor/bachelorette party. Take a look…
How to find a wedding venueWedding Venues
20th Feb 2020

How to find a wedding venue – 9 Easy Steps

Yay! You are engaged. One of the first things you are going to need to do in getting married is to find a wedding venue.  This is very important to…
Wedding Favor IdeasWeddings
25th May 2020

8 Wedding Favor Ideas that are practical and spectacular

Every couple wants to give their guests a favour that is unique to their wedding. But its always a mission to figure out what to give your guests that is…
Stunning Gay-friendly wedding venues in and around HartiesWedding Venues
21st May 2020

Stunning Gay-friendly wedding venues in and around Harties

Let Us Help You Find Your Dream Gay-friendly wedding venues. We simply believe that love in all forms, shapes and sizes deserve only the best. Because Love never discriminates and…
Where to eat in HartiesHarties
5th Nov 2020

Where to eat in Harties, bite that will leave you wanting more

Whether you are visiting Hartbeespoort Dam, staying here, or just passing through here is where to eat in Harties. Harties has become a great culinary hub for foodies.  www.restaurantmosaic.com Restaurant…
Forest Wedding ReceptionStyled Shoots
2nd Jan 2021

Forest Wedding Reception

A forest wedding reception at The Nut Farm's pecan orchard. This magical wedding venue is based outside Hartbeespoort Wedding Venue – https://www.thenutfarm.co.za Photo & Video – Echo Photography - https://www.facebook.com/echophotogra...…
The Nut Farm Wedding VenueWedding Venues
18th Feb 2020

Tired of Muldersdrift Wedding Venues, Top 3 Alternatives

Tired of Muldersdrift wedding venues and would like to explore a bit further away from home? Hartbeespoort and Magaliesburg are great options for your wedding venue with a beautiful scenic…
Wedding Photos and How Light can get stunning effectsWeddings
2nd Jun 2020

Wedding Photos and How Light can get stunning effects

There are a lot of factors that can influence your wedding photos, rain, wind, bad photography, bad camera and the list goes on. But now we are going to talk…
Italian style wedding at The Nut FarmStyled Shoots
17th Aug 2020

Naughty Italian Styled Wedding

Have you ever dreamt driving a Vespa down the Italian Amalfi coast? We created an Italian Styled Wedding in a shoot with cannolis, Vespa and Malfy gin. Wedding Venue The…
Virtually plan your weddingWeddings
17th Jun 2020

Virtually plan your wedding, Easily

If you are getting married in the next few upcoming months, you might be wondering how will you ever pull this off when you are incapable of meeting potential and…
Enjoy the Moment it is your wedding - How to plan a wedding in six monthsWeddings
18th May 2020

How to plan a wedding in 6 Months, Steps to your dazzling dream wedding

  How to plan a wedding in six months? It's a challenge, but it can be done. Most conventional wedding arranging timelines are outlined for a couple with a year…
2nd Jan 2021

Dazzling Wedding Trends 2021

Perhaps Pantone had 2021 brides and grooms in mind when they selected gray and yellow as the colors that would be influential next year. We certainly are hoping for a…
Planning A Wedding In 2021Weddings
7th Jan 2021

Planning A Wedding In 2021

If you are planning a wedding in 2021, let us start by saying hurray, congratulations and blessings to you both because this is such a wonderful time of life to…
Wedding InsuranceWeddings
18th Jun 2020

Why Wedding Insurance is important and who to get in South Africa

You might not even have known Wedding Insurance exists. It's not just another money-making scheme from Wedding vendors, you are already spending so much on your wedding and that’s why…
Newly EngagedWeddings
12th Jan 2021

Newly Engaged? 5 Things You Need To Do Today

Is that a shiny diamond we see sparkling on your finger? Yes! Congratulations and welcome to a new world. You are about to become an expert on all kinds of…
The Top Wedding Websites in South AfricaDIY wedding ideas
3rd Aug 2020

The Top Wedding Websites in South Africa

With everyone being more environmentally orientated its great to know that you can even incorporate this way of life into your wedding planning and day by doing a wedding website…
About the Wedding Venue
1st Mar 2021

Wedding Decor by The Nut Farm

Celeste Cilliers PhotographyPhotographyVendors
31st May 2019

Celeste Cilliers Photography

Celeste Cilliers Photography is all about the “aaaahhh” moments, the moments that take your breath away and everything in between.
Farm WeddingWeddings
15th May 2020

Want your Farm Wedding to be exquisite? 14 Tested Tips

Choosing a farm wedding setting or inside of a reclaimed barn could be a charming way to incorporate rustic components into your big day. Whether you need to play up…
Wedding Party Crying - Amateurs vs Wedding ProfessionalWeddings
29th Jun 2020

Amateurs vs Wedding Professional

A wedding is a costly event to organise and everyone understands that with everything that needs to be considered for the biggest day of your life. You might think getting…
Farm WeddingWedding Venues
18th Mar 2021

The Beauty Of A Farm Wedding

There is nothing so charming as a good old-fashioned rustic farm wedding. There is something so quaint and romantic about getting married in a wide-open green field with some animals…
Wedding Guest SnacksWeddings
13th Jul 2020

Late Night Wedding Guest Snacks

It’s just about 11pm. The DJ is still spinning your favourite hits and your guests are still rocking out with you on the dance floor—but there’s just one more thing…
A Bear PhotographyPhotographyVendors
31st May 2019

A Bear Photography

Wedding & lifestyle photographers helping you make those perfect moments last forever. Photography is the beauty of life captured.
22nd Oct 2020

12 Wedding tips for groomsmen and the Groom

All the Wedding tips for groomsmen and groom you need to know. Just a little help in the right direction. You would wish you knew this sooner. Wear your heart…
floral dog collarDIY wedding ideas
29th Jun 2020

Floral dog collar, In 5 easy steps

Let’s get started with your floral dog collar for your special day. Step 1: Make sure you have all the following materials: Glue gun and glue sticks Old dog collar (about…
2020 wedding trendsWeddings
14th Apr 2020

2020 Wedding Trends, 20 Great Trends You Should Know about

The best 2020 Wedding Trends that might even flow over to 2021 as style never goes out of date. So, take this journey with us and get inspired. Echo Friendly…
Choosing the right wedding venueWedding Venues
9th Dec 2020

8 Tips for Choosing the right wedding venue

When planning your wedding, there are many important decisions to make along the way. Considering that most of your budget will go into the wedding venue, you should be well…
12th May 2020

The best month for a Wedding in Hartbeespoort

We know as a bride you either don’t want your wedding day to be so hot your makeup melts off your face and everyone is uncomfortable as well as sticky,…
Gin bar ideas for a weddingWeddings
6th Mar 2021

Gin bar ideas for a wedding

Many couples choose to have gin on tap at the wedding reception and say it is a great complement to wine, beer, champagne, and other spirits. Here is our Gin…
Unique Wedding Table Number IdeasWeddings
29th Jun 2020

11 Unique Wedding Table Number Ideas

It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a traditional or modern vibe, formal or casual, there are so many ways to make your wedding décor stand out from the rest.…
Unique Wedding Guest Book IdeasDIY wedding ideas
17th Aug 2020

17 Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas

When it comes to your wedding, you don't have to do everything by the book.  Especially when it comes to the wedding guest book ideas. Let's say you want to…
Blank Canvas Wedding Venue The Nut FarmWedding Venues
6th Jul 2020

Styling Blank Canvas Wedding Venue

Blank Canvas Wedding Venues that you can style any way you want and any theme or décor item you can think of will fit right in. Is any Brides dream…
Harties AccommodationHarties
30th Apr 2020

Harties Accommodation, Exposing all the great Spots

We all need to rest after an exhausting trip, exciting wedding or just to break away. No need to do an endless search.  Here are some of our favourite Harties…
Perfect Wedding VenueAbout the Wedding Venue
22nd Jun 2020

Your Perfect Wedding Venue, 10 Reasons why The Nut Farm is perfect for you

You've got to have somewhere for your friends and family to gather and celebrate. But finding the perfect wedding venue isn't easy. There are so many options to choose from.…
Farm Photoshoot at The Nut Farm photos by Echo PhotographyStyled Shoots
16th Jul 2020

Elegant Family Farm Photoshoot at The Nut Farm

Our friends form Echo Photography had a great farm photoshoot with Sash-Lee Hobarth & Alex Hobarth Photography by Echo Photography  |  Dress by New Romantics |  Wedding Venue at The…
Wedding ToastWeddings
1st Sep 2020

Wedding Toast, the 8 Tips to an Easy Speach

Congrats! You’ve been asked to give a speech at a loved one’s wedding soon. It may seem nerve-wrenchingly awful to get up in front of all those family members and…
About the Wedding Venue
25th Jan 2021

Glamping Accommodation at The Nut Farm

Is the lockdown rule cramping your style? Why not sleepover in our glamp? Would you like more info on Glamping accommodation  at The Nut Farm? Book a viewing at our…
Wedding VenueWeddings
21st Jan 2020

Our venue’s first dance

The Nut Farm started as an idea when a couple moved in on the property in 2013. When they got engaged the idea was brought to live and plans to…
Venue News
13th Dec 2020

Plated Tasting Menu for 2021

Time: 4:00 for 4:30 R1000 (up to four guests) Cash bar Our selection of dishes for plated tastings is handpicked items that our chef chose to showcase the culinary skill,…
9 Unique romantic proposal ideas to the love of your lifeWeddings
9th Jun 2020

9 Unique romantic proposal ideas to the love of your life

  Asking the love of your life to share the rest of your lives together is a big moment in both your lives. Even though its already special, everyone dreams…
2021 Wedding IdeasStyled Shoots
6th Jan 2021

Pink Book 2021 Wedding Ideas

Simple yet amazingly elegant and modern wedding ideas for the year 2021. We don’t know what the year will hold in store for the wedding industry but we do know…
packing for weddingWeddings
2nd Jun 2020

Packing for Wedding, Night Before and the Night of

Everything that you need to remember suddenly sucks the joy out of that wedding glow. One thing that is sometimes overlooked is the bag you need to pack for the…
Flexible Wedding Date PolicyAbout the Wedding Venue
2nd Jan 2021

Flexible Wedding Date Policy

With uncertain lockdown levels, we have a new Flexible Wedding Date procedure for all wedding couples who are sharing their magical day at The Nut Farm. Our terms are as…
Pizza At Your WeddingWeddings
2nd Mar 2021

Pizza At Your Wedding – Delicious for everyone!

Pizza At Your Wedding? Mama Mia! Who doesn't love pizza? It can come in so many delicious flavours. Pizza is colourful and is often served up at parties. So why…
Wedding Pictures by Okay DeerWeddings
16th Nov 2020

Wedding Pictures of Ernst & Lené

Congratulations Ernst & Lené, what a beautiful wedding ! What gorgeous wedding pictures you got from the special day. Wedding Photos by Okay Deer Decor by De Belles Fleurs Planners…
Pet friendly wedding venuesWedding Venues
7th Apr 2020

4 Pet friendly wedding venues in the Hartbeespoort area

For most of us, our dogs are like our children. We love sharing experiences with them and want to include them in all our important events, like our wedding day.…
Wedding Pizza TastingVenue News
18th Dec 2020

Burger & Pizza Tasting Menu for 2021

Time: 4:00 for 4:30 R690 (up to four guests) Cash bar The tasting will include an intimate sample board for two of our charcuterie ladder. Delicate slices of our top…
The Nut Farm Wedding Venue from across the fieldAbout the Wedding Venue
5th Jan 2020

What is Included in Venue Hire

What's Included in Venue Hire. Our Venue Hire for your chosen date is for the exclusive use of the entire venue, including the Chapel and Canapé area and includes ...…
Umembeso Decor - African Wedding DecorWeddings
13th Jul 2020

Umembeso Decor – African Wedding Decor

When planning a wedding using African Wedding Decor it's important to do your research properly. First, browse the colours you can use to get it right. Your African Wedding Decor…
No RSVP for weddingWeddings
3rd Aug 2020

No RSVP for wedding, 4 Reasons Why Guests Are RSVPing

Nothing is more irritating and frustrating than attempting to track down extremely late wedding RSVPs. In case you've included a self-addressed and pre-stamped envelope, it feels like there's no reason…
Bride to be celebrating new yearWeddings
2nd Jan 2021

New Year’s Resolutions For The Bride-to-be

We are all excited to get into 2021 and leave the year 2020 behind. Now is an excellent opportunity for brides-to-be to make some New Year bride resolutions to help…
DIY wedding ideas
8th Dec 2020

5 Signs That You Are Using Pinterest too much for your wedding planning

Pinterest is a world of inspiration for brides with dreamy archways, design heels, fancy decor and DIY ideas to keep you busy until your golden wedding anniversary. Fairy lights, transparent…
Good Night Key Light PhotographyPhotographyVendors
31st May 2019

Good Night Key Light Photography

At Good Night Key Light as a Wedding Photographer I ask myself what is it that makes the perfect wedding shot? Is it sublime timing? Gorgeous lighting?
No Stress WeddingWeddings
27th Apr 2020

No stress wedding,12 Essential Survival Tips to Combat Stress

Weddings are a pretty huge deal and they can be kind of frightening in case you’re feeling on edge about being a bride. Are you stressing about being the centre…
Beginning and BeyondFloristVendors
31st May 2019

Beginning and Beyond

From the Beginning of the planning stages to delivering Beyond your fantasies is our mission. Giving you expert advise and a decor package
Different Wedding Traditions Around the GlobeWeddings
6th Jul 2020

12 Unique Wedding Traditions Around the Globe

Love in any country is a universal language but getting hitched has different wedding traditions all over the world. So, let us dive right into all the different traditions and…
Styled Shoots
21st Jan 2020

Boho Wedding in Hartbeespoort

For the bride who wants to feel dreamy and effortless on her wedding day, boho wedding style achieve a style that evokes a sense of wonder and whimsy.
Six Reasons to Get Legally Married Before Your Wedding DayWeddings
3rd Aug 2020

6 Reasons to Get Legally Married Before Your Wedding Day

A few couples dream about their perfect wedding day for decades. Others just see it as a civil acknowledgement of a contract and need to get it out of the…