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Blank Canvas Wedding Venues that you can style any way you want and any theme or décor item you can think of will fit right in. Is any Brides dream venue, but it can be a little scary without any constraints and to know where do you start? So here are some tips to help you through it.

Blank Canvas Wedding Venue The Nut Farm

Venue Budget

It doesn’t necessarily save you money when having a blank canvas to work with as you might have thought. Check what’s included and what’s not included in your venue hire. Remember if you have to start bringing in furniture, lighting, bathrooms (the portable kind) and outsourcing the catering. Then you might end up spending far more than you originally thought and budgeted for.

Décor Budget

It is very easy to overspend on your décor. So, see what you need, work on and set your final mood board. Once that is set and you know the guest count and table count plus-minus you can set a strict budget that you base on quotations y6ou have received so far and then stick to it. And again, always weight the buying VS renting options before deciding.


You might feel the uncontrollable urge to go wild and use every single idea that pops up but then your venue might look like a cluttered mess. So, work on a mood board and stick to a single colour palette and theme. And build your ideas on that. A consistent theme and colour palette look far better than a bunch of different things looking like they have been smashed together.

Before buying, DIYing or renting. Compare all the prices and see what would work best for your budget. Sometimes buying is cheaper than renting and sometimes not. Sometimes DIY is also cheaper than having something made and sometimes not. So weight your options before deciding mon which you would like to opt for.

Coordinator or Decorator

If your budget allows it to get your self an on the day coordinator or decorator. This will take so much stress off of you and leave the finer details and nitty-gritty things in their capable hands. It might be that your venue doesn’t come with one so for a little more ease of mind just get one if your budget allows it. That way you don’t have to go check on anything, you can relax with your girls while getting ready. It’s also good to find out what other staff you will need so that you don’t get stuck cleaning the venue after all your guests have left.

Venue Features

Work with your venue’s features rather than against them. For example, if your venue is a rustic farm venue you would want to cover every inch with draping to convert the venue to a sleek modern venue. That simply just costs so much more. So if you know what type of décor and wedding you want, book your venue according to your theme and look. So, make what you have popped. Use the venue and its features to your advantage.


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