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When planning your wedding, there are many important decisions to make along the way. Considering that most of your budget will go into the wedding venue, you should be well informed before choosing the right wedding venue. Here are some helpful tips for you to make the best decision.

Budget and date

The first two steps you need to take while wedding planning is setting a reasonable and realistic budget and picking your wedding date. Those two answers are crucial when it comes to searching for wedding venues. The budget will determine if you can have 50 guests or 200, if you can get married in a luxurious five starts hotel or if you need to lower your expectations. The date of your wedding plays an important role too. A spring or summer wedding can be outdoors, at the beach, or pretty much in any location. If you are going to a winter wedding, the weather should be considered.  Try to have a clear budget when you start looking for venues, it is very easy to fall in love with a place you cannot afford, and nothing will be as good when you compare it to others.


You need to have a style or theme for your wedding, and your venue should harmonize with it. This will make everything easier. Imagine you are going for a bohemian style, and you choose an art deco ballroom at a hotel. It will take lots of decoration to create the mood you are looking for. Instead, you should be looking for a rustic venue, and outdoor space surrounded by nature, a barn filled with wood and natural elements. Where you only need to complement with little decoration.

Confirm your guest’s list

Yes, I know it is a headache, but having a guest list ready before signing your venue contract is crucial. You probably have a number in mind, and you believe 50 guests will be more than enough, but then you start talking to your parents and your in-laws, and that’s when you discover that your small wedding has turned into a 150 guests party. So, my advice is, sit down and write all the possibilities, have a number that makes everyone happy and start looking for venues that accommodate it. There is nothing worse than having more guests than chairs at your wedding.

Think about your guests

If you plan on having a destination wedding or many of your guests will come from out of town, you should consider a location that is easy to reach for everyone. Your venue should be near or well connected to their hotel, and ideally, if you are having a ceremony at a different location, try to arrange transportation for your guests.

Get into the details.

You found the one, a perfect place to say yes. It perfectly matches the aesthetic you are looking for, and the best part is, you can afford it. Now it is time to ask the important details, is it all included? What does all mean? Most venues offer basic tables, chairs, linen, and decoration. Check with them if you like what they offer and how much it cost to get the ones you want. Some venues only rent the space and give you the freedom to bring your rental equipment, have an estimate of how much will it be for all you need to have the place ready. Also, ask if there have restrictions regarding bringing in your vendors. Some venues offer all services from DJ to a wedding cake, and they are restrictive about hiring someone else, ask what their policy is.

Regarding catering and bar services, ask many questions like how many hours the bar will be open? If they include all the beverages you want to serve, if you can bring your bottles, if gratuity is included, how many courses your meal includes, if they offer alternatives for special diets, and so on.

Also, ask how many hours are included in the venue’s rent and how much it cost to add extra hours, if possible. Many venues provide service for 6 to 8 hours, and then they offer additional time at a cost. Many couples in the heat of the moment agree, but this could take you out of your budget.

Parking and bathrooms

It sounds funny, but it is profoundly important. There is nothing worse than having a 200 guests party and two bathrooms. Yes, such venues exist, and you will probably have many stories and make many new friends while waiting in line, but weddings go by so fast that you should enjoy it on the dance floor, not waiting for the bathroom. Ask your venue if they can accommodate all your guest’s cars safely and if they offer valet parking services.

Dance floor

Another vital detail couples often forget is that after dinner and toast, the dancing starts. Some venues have a designated area for that purpose, but they do not always include a dance floor or if you need to add it to your list. Remember that most of the time spent at a wedding is dancing. You can have a personalized dance floor with your initials. A LED lighted base and many other fun options.

Follow your instinct

Finally, the best piece of advice I can provide is that you follow your gut. If you feel like there is something funny or strange about the vendor or the venue itself, do not doubt yourself. And on the other hand, if you are completely in love with a venue and feel like it is everything you have dreamed of, make an effort and do as much as you can to have it. Remember that your venue is more than just a place where you will accommodate your guests. It is where your friends and relatives will witness the love your partner and you share. Memories will be in the making. Pictures and videos of your big day will last forever and will remain an invaluable treasure. Choose your venue wisely.

It is where your friends and relatives will witness the love your partner and you share. Memories will be in the making.