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What To Look For In All Destination Wedding Locations In South Africa

There’s something about South Africa that makes it a stunning place to get married to. Besides the gorgeous scenery, impressive wildlife, iconic landscapes and excellent cuisine, the vast range of destination wedding locations that we have, made this country a crowd’s favourite. Let us share with you this guide on what you should be looking for in a wedding venue.

But before that, let’s look at the things that you should or shouldn’t do when planning your SA wedding:

Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Planning 


  • plan ahead of time (most likely start one year in advance)
  • inform your guests 9 months before your wedding
  • acquire the help of an experienced coordinator or a venue that offers assistance in planning your wedding and who understands your vision
  • consider going to SA to book a wedding venue tour
  • consider a venue that is centrally located for your guests’ convenience
  • visit a local website or venue that offers a gallery so you can browse through venue photos for inspiration
  • look for a venue with detailed packages and ensure that you understand all the costs and all “hidden” or added costs and inclusions.


  • be pressured – you’ll be having a destination wedding, and even though it can sound overwhelming, it will just be like a fun trip
  • inform your guests a month before the wedding, they need to make arrangements to travel too
  • forget to double-check everything – from bookings to confirmations

What to look for in your destination wedding locations 

When it comes to the perfect venue with a modern touch in South Africa, we highly recommend our unique and fresh wedding setting in Hartbeespoort – the Nut Farm. Do you want to know more about this lovely place? Read on to see how we have everything that you need for that unforgettable destination wedding. 

Look for accessibility

Although South Africa is pretty much in the centre of every country, it can still be challenging to find destination wedding locations near the airport that can give you that one of a kind experience for your wedding. So before you choose one, make sure that you consider the accessibility of your venue. The most convenient decision you can make is to select an area that is not too remote but can still give you a breathtaking view. 

Since every international carrier from London and other major European cities already have regular direct flights coming into Johannesburg, a 45 min drive from there to the beautiful Nut Farm venue will be pretty simple. Also, we are centrally located from the major cities, such as Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Rustenburg, making it more convenient for your guests who are checked in on these places to go to and from your event. 

Prefer a flexible venue

It is great to have a charming backdrop for your ceremony and reception area, but you should also choose flexibility for your theme and decorations. Don’t be restricted by destination wedding locations that can’t make room to live out your vision for your special day. Instead, it would be best if you preferred to have a venue that can offer both – a spectacular view and a blank canvas that you can work with them. 

We at Nut Farm are passionate to turn your ideal wedding into reality. We are downright creative and excited about every new idea presented to us and get nothing but satisfaction to see couples living out their dreams. 

Choose a venue with backup plans

When choosing a venue make sure that you go for a place that offers a contingency plan in case something unexpected happens – perhaps a sudden downpour on your outdoor wedding ceremony? You might guard the weather forecast for all you want, but it is impossible to predict everything. Free yourself from unnecessary stress by choosing a venue that can offer indoor and outdoor areas for your ceremony and reception. 

At the Nut Farm, you will get three incredible venues that you can choose from: 

The Outside Chapel

You can say your I DO’s in the open air with spectacular views of the pecan tree and mountain range. Couples will surely love this if they want to connect with nature.

The Inside Chapel

Have a glass wedding ceremony at our chapel located on the second floor of the reception area. This is the perfect place to tie the knot in case you can’t have it in the outdoor chapel. Or do it here anyway since you’ll still have a stunning view out of our big window overlooking the famous Hartbeespoort Dam.

An Industrial Wedding Venue

This unique industrial-style reception offers so much space that it will serve as a blank canvas for the couple. You can incorporate various themes based on what you prefer while including the farm setting of the venue with our multiple doors that invite nature inside. 

Get a venue with catering services

Relieve yourself from the unnecessary stress of looking for a catering service and let your venue provide you with what you need. The great thing about an in-house caterer is that they already know the ins and outs of the place, so you wouldn’t need to worry about breaking any policies. Communication is also so much easier, so you wouldn’t need to coordinate with too many different people for your special day. You tend to save more for venues with in-house caterers since you won’t have to pay extra fees anymore.

We highly recommend availing of the catering services of The Nut Farm. We offer a wide variety of menus for our catering services to provide everything for everyone – from traditional to those with a unique pallet. We only use the freshest, local ingredients for our hand-crafted culinary delights. You will surely enjoy every bite of it!

We hope you find this guide helpful in looking at destination wedding locations. You can book a wedding venue tour with us now so we can get started creating your dream SA destination wedding soon! We can’t wait to work with you!