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Magical Forest Wedding Venues – Have you Considered a Pecan Orchard?

Getting married in the great outdoors gives an effortless beauty to it. When it comes to deciding on your outdoor venue, there are many options to choose from – romantic beaches, charming courtyards, elegant vineyards, and the most magical of all choices, forest wedding venues. 

Although it can be tempting to exchange vows somewhere deep in the forest for an authentic experience, it is easier said than done. You will need to do some extra work to create a safe and inviting space for you and your guests. Not to mention the effort on your part and everyone else by tromping into the woods because of the rough terrains. Thinking about the permits, logistics, comfort, and safety that you have to consider doesn’t make it sound so great anymore. 

How about making a forest wedding theme in a pecan orchard instead? At The Nut Farm, we will not just provide you with enough blank canvas to turn our space into whimsical forest land; we are passionate enough to create it with you. Let us share with you some tips on how to create marvellous forest wedding venues.

Choose a venue with a nature vibe 

A pecan orchard might not be the first thing that will come into your mind for your wedding, but it gives you the nature vibe you are looking for. The earthy feeling of the soil and pecan tree surrounding you will feel like you’re in a forest already. Although, you will not have to worry about your guests tripping on a branch since the area is well maintained. 

The great thing about The Nut Farm is that besides the pecan orchard, which you can use as the perfect backdrop for your wedding portraits, we also have different areas intended for your ceremony and reception. 

You can get married in the outside chapel to fully bask in the great outdoors – a spectacular view of the pecan trees and a panoramic sight of the mountain range. With the wooden podium and benches, and white bamboo parasols, we’ll just need minimal decorations to turn your ceremony area into a forest dreamscape.

In case a sudden downpour occurs, you don’t have to worry. We have a glass wedding venue ready for you. This chapel will protect you from the rain but will still give you the ambience of the forest with its big windows. You’ll even have a great view of the famous Hartbeespoort Dam, which makes it more magical. Add some overarching greenery and a winding aisle lined with ferns and candlelight, and you’ll have an intimate and romantic vibe for your ceremony.

And for your reception, our industrial wedding venue will give you more than enough space to create an epic forest themed celebration. You’ll definitely like you’re still one with nature with just the right decoration, long wooden tables, and multiple spacious doors.

Incorporate enchanting forest wedding decorations and details 

Adding forest wedding decorations and details, such as garden trellis and organic branch décor, adds texture and depth to our already beautiful reception area. Not only that, you can make it look more ethereal by using the proper lighting or types of equipment to mimic the aura of a forest. We offer PA System or a TV, DVD and overhead projector at an extra cost to help you create a more sophisticated illusion of a forest. Or add candles, fairy lights or lanterns to make it even more incredible. The ceiling installation of suspended twinkling lights also heightens the ethereal atmosphere. Just coordinate with us ahead of time as this is not usually a part of our package, but we will be very willing to assist you with this. Discuss this with the Wedding Coordinator to ensure that no damage is done to the venue. Besides that, we will do anything that will make you feel like a mystical forest couple!

Add forest wedding centrepieces

You can turn our tablescapes laden with candlelight or bouquets of roses or create your dream centrepiece with wildflowers of your choice. It is important to emphasize your centrepieces as this is usually the focal point of table setting. It also helps set the theme of your celebration, so forest wedding venues really make it a point to use this to their advantage. Centrepieces range from candelabras woven with branches for a more woody effect and cloches sparkling with fairy lights and fresh moss to give it a more delicate forest touch. 

Make a forest dance floor

Do you want to dance with the feeling of the enchanting effect of a misty forest? Say no more! You can use a smoke or fog machine to have the same effect without the humidity that an actual forest might give you. Just imagine what that humidity can do to your hair and makeup. In the comfort of our reception, you can avoid that but still enjoy the additional aesthetic pleasure it gives. Want to extend the dance floor? We can even do that for you! Inform the wedding coordinator regarding this. 

Choose a menu fit for a forest

The great thing about The Nut Farm is that we have our catering services, which is our great edge amongst other forest wedding venues.  You will have the freedom to choose from our menu which ones you think fit best for a forest theme celebration. Since all our ingredients are sourced locally, you will surely feel the natural taste in every dish. We have an exquisite Plated menu, a hearty Burger menu and a delightful Pizza menu that you can choose from. You can even try our homegrown pecan pie for a complete pecan orchard experience with a touch of forestry, of course!  

We hope that these tips will help you turn any places into forest wedding venues, including a pecan orchard. Book a venue tour with us now if you want to see how our location easily fits your vision of a forest theme! We can’t wait to turn your dreams into a reality!