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Yay! You are engaged. One of the first things you are going to need to do in getting married is to find a wedding venue. 

This is very important to your big day, as this will set the tone for your wedding. Have you always dreamt of a rustic, glam, indoors or outdoors? The more venue you are going to see the more confused you can get and more muddled your vision can get. 

Below are a few steps to ensure you find a wedding venue of your dream

  1. Set up a budget

Set up a budgetGetting married is an emotional process and one gets lost in the emotions and tend to spend more than set out. If you agree on a budget before you go wedding venue shopping, you must limit yourself not to go see the ones outside your budget, chance are you are going to measure all the other against the one you can not afford and start your life together with way too much debt

  1. Set your wedding venue criteria

If you always wanted to get married in an orchard or on a farm or a spot with lots of glass streaming with natural light, pet-friendly, list the important criteria that you can refer back to them if it gets hard to choose between all the beautiful venue you have seen. After your 4th site visit, all of them are going to look beautiful 

  1. Guest Count

Your guests are what going to make your special day memorable. Some venues have a minimum, so if you are planning a small intimate wedding ask ahead of time to avoid disappointing yourself. The same is true for if you are going to have a grand wedding with guest from the four corners of the world, the last thing you want to worry about with a large wedding is where to seat all your guest. 

  1. Pencil in a few dates

Keep in mind when the sun sets, for example, earlier in winter, this is crucial for the wedding photographer. Or if you want to wear a style of dress, summer could be unbearable underneath all those layers. 

  1. Basic Guest List

You will be amazed at how fast this will grow. You might think you want a small wedding but when you count all your friends and family the number will add up quickly. Also if you are unsure you can ask the venue by when they need the final headcount. 

  1. Shortlist your venues

Once you have done your online search you need to cancel out the venue that doesn’t meet your criteria. Send them an email with your basic question available date, confirm they can accommodate your number of guests, also what menu options they have and costs. Another important question is to ask what vendors are allowed as some venues force you to use them for decor…

  1. Book a wedding venue tour

A photo or video can only convey so much of a venue, once you stand at the chapel you will feel the magic of the venue. You will also get a feel for the service when met by the staff. Have a look at the reception area, and keep in mind the number of guests. We have an online calendar where you can choose a date that fits you.

  1.  Pros and Cons List

With a cool and calm mind, you can weigh up all the options. If you feel too pressured to sign at the tour step away. Ask your partner about their opinion as you might have missed something that might have been a concern for them.

  1. Quote and Contract

Wedding Venue ContractMake sure to get an itemised quote and the contract, with the tour they might promise you the moon and stars, they might have forgotten to mention they are optional extras, at a cost. Also, this is something concrete you can refer to plan your day and make sure everything runs smoothly with no surprise of what is included 

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