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Tired of Muldersdrift wedding venues and would like to explore a bit further away from home?

Hartbeespoort and Magaliesburg are great options for your wedding venue with a beautiful scenic drive from town, your guest will arrive in a Holiday mode, the advantage of a destination wedding without the effort of having to drive for hours. In Harties and Magalies there is an abundance of accommodation and things to do

Explore the Top 3 wedding venues in Hartbeespoort and Magaliesberg area

Red Ivory, Muldersdrift wedding venues alternative by Sagely Photography

Red Ivory, Muldersdrift wedding venues alternative by Sagely Photography

No 3. Red Ivory

Set in the Magaliesberg, where it could easily be part of a James Bond plot with great glass windows peaking out of a forest of trees. This wedding venue is known for its stunning views.

No 2. Black Horse

Black Horse Brewer, alternative Muldersdrift Wedding Venue

Black Horse Brewer, alternative Muldersdrift Wedding Venue

We found the Black Horse when we were meandering through the twisty roads on our way to nowhere. What a great oases where our thirst was quenched with delicious tasting beer brewed on the property. The Black Horse has an old school feel with the well-established garden casting cooling shadows. They only host one wedding, of up to 150 guests, on a weekend ensuring that you don’t feel like part of an assembly line. If drinks are high in your priority list for your wedding, I would suggest going for a beer tasting as all there craft beer are available at your reception on tap.

No 1. The Nut Farm

We have to admit we are a bit biased here, as we have built this venue with love, but everybody that walks has the same jaw-dropping experience. At The Nut Farm, we have one of a kind reception area that is built in a forest of pecan nut trees. Driving up the dirt road, you feel at home as if arriving at your friend’s farm with the lingering tones of bush and dirt road telling you, that you have left the hustle of town giving you permission to relax and enjoy. As the party happens inside the reception area, we have taken meticulous care in designing the inside to flow into the orchard of trees, bring the bush into the venue with a sophisticated touch. The attention of detail does not stop here as we have catered for your guest, while you are busy with your shoot, at our canapé area guest could help themselves to a drink the gin bar or one of our bartenders can mix an umbrella drink

Muldersdrift Wedding Venues are well known for a good reason, this is a great spot to host your wedding. As you can see there are great alternatives just a few minutes away via a beautiful scenic drive.