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There is nothing so charming as a good old-fashioned rustic farm wedding. There is something so quaint and romantic about getting married in a wide-open green field with some animals roaming in the background.

There are many reasons to consider a farm wedding and it is a bridal trend that gladly seems here to stay.

When you get married on a farm, you are surrounded by nature and fresh air. It is inspiring to enjoy the great outdoors with friends and family and celebrate your love story in a stress-free organic environment. You can have your wedding ceremony outdoors with the most picturesque views and dance the night away under fairy lights and the stars if you want to keep the reception outside too.

You can decorate your farm wedding to make sure it is stunning and memorable. A farm’s backdrop can lend itself to many themes, including rustic, casual, glamorous, or vintage. Adding luxury furniture, stunning lighting and trendy signage are just some of the ways you can put your personal stamp on your big day. Details like soft draping and hanging chandeliers can bring up with wow factor. Even if you make your wedding super luxurious and fancy in the farm setting, there will still be that relaxed vibe that farm weddings are famous for.

Your wedding photos and video will be stunning if you say “I Do” on the farm. Wedding imagery taken in farm settings is quite timeless. Rolling green hills, rural roads and features such as fences, bridges and old wooden gates add character and interest to an already stunning backdrop. Of course, you two will be looking at your most beautiful on your best day ever. This is why wedding photographers love farm weddings so much.

A farm wedding can be quite an affordable option, especially if you go for a low-key affair. You can take advantage of existing decor already at the farm. Using wooden wine barrels as altar features of a cake table, hay bales as cocktail hour seating and greenery from the bush to decorate tables are a few examples.

Recycling can also be incorporated if you want to have a farm wedding that is vintage or rustic. Hunt around antique shops for old pieces that can be brought to life for your wedding. Gold framed mirrors make wonderful welcome signs or table seating plans. Mismatched retro candle holders and vases can be styled around the DJ booth and bar areas to add a dash of glam to the celebrations. Old windows also make great decor items to hang decorations from or use for signage if the glass is still intact. There are so many creative ideas and you can find inspiration in rural settings like farmers markets and local secondhand and antique stores.

Farms are also wonderful places to host pre and post-wedding day events. A welcome braai with cocktails or sundowners the day after the wedding to capture another epic country life sunset is just what the farmer ordered.


We hope you have found inspiration to make your wedding day into a fantastic farm fete that will impress your bridal party and guests. There is so much to love about farm weddings and we can imagine you walking through the wildflower fields hand in hand as newlyweds already!



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