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Confused by all the beautiful options when it comes to wedding venues? We have compiled a Complete Wedding Venue questions checklist from A-Z

A wedding venue will mean different things for different couples. It might just be a reception space, for others it will be where you hold your ceremony too, and for some, it will be a base for several days of festivities, with accommodation thrown in too. The spaces themselves will differ and the options are endless!  So, to help you make your choice here’s a list of questions to ask your venue when you visit. Now of course not all of these will apply to you or venue but there are some you might never have thought of, that could crop up later in your planning.

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Wedding Venue Questions Checklist

Printable ChecklistAnswered by The Nut Farm

5 Questions on Availability, Cost & Capacity

  1. What is the venue capacity for a seated meal?
  2. What is the cancellation policy?
  3. How many weddings do you have a day/week?
  4. What is included in the venue hire?
  5. Is there a generator as backup for power failures or load shedding?
Cost for a Wedding in Rand
Eat Drink Be Married

11 Catering Questions

  1. Do you offer catering?
  2. Is self-Catering allowed?
  3. Can you cater for those with special requirements and allergies?
  4. Do you offer tastings?
  5. Can we see your drinks/bar menu and pricing?
  6. Can we bring our own alcohol?
  7. If so, what is the charge for corkage?
  8. Where will the cocktail hour be held?
  9. Is there a fee for bringing our own cake or desserts?
  10. What time does the bar close?
  11. Do you offer bar/venue extensions?

8 Accommodation Questions

  1. Is there a bridal suite included?
  2. If not, have you a large room for pre-ceremony prep/hair & make-up?
  3. Do you include rooms in the wedding package?
  4. Can we stay the night before?
  5. Can we add an extra night?
  6. Can we block book rooms for our guests?
  7. Is there an accommodation list available for nearby establishments?
  8. Are there alternative accommodation possibilities available?
Bride Makeup
Wedding Guests

8 Questions relating to Guest Requirements

  1. Is it accessible for disabled guests?
  2. Are there baby changing facilities?
  3. Are children welcome, is there a time they need to leave by?
  4. Are you pet friendly?
  5. Can we see the bathrooms?
  6. Do you have on-site parking?
  7. If not, do you offer a shuttle service?
  8. Is there a smoking area?

16 Staffing & Technicalities Questions

  1. Do you provide staff?
  2. Is there a service charge or what is the tipping policy?
  3. Is there a wedding co-ordinator?
  4. Who will be running things on the day?
  5. What are the turnaround times (if we’re using the same space twice for ceremony/dinner/dancing?)
  6. What AV equipment do you offer? (Speakers, a PA, mics, iPod docs, sockets etc).
  7. Can we get in the day before/early in the morning for set-up?
  8. Are we responsible for the take-down and when does it need to be done?
  9. How late can we stay at the venue?
  10. What time can we play music until?
  11. Are there any music/noise restrictions?
  12. Are we allowed confetti?
  13. What if it’s an especially hot/cold/windy/wet day?
  14. Is there a secure space for gifts?
  15. Times for preparing the venue?
  16. Is clean-up included?
Wedding Staff
Wedding Decor

10 Decor & Details Questions

  1. Do you offer tables and chairs (and can we see them)?
  2. Can we bring our own chairs and tables?
  3. When can rental companies deliver them ahead of the wedding?
  4. Do you have an inventory of the rest of your decor (vases, candleholders etc)?
  5. Do you have a fixed list of approved vendors or can we bring our own?
  6. Are we allowed to hang lights or decor from the walls or ceilings?
  7. Can we do this ourselves or do we need contractors?
  8. What does the venue look like at night?
  9. What, if any lighting – do you supply?
  10. Can we have candles/fireworks/sparklers/food trucks/horse and carriage/lawn games/kids’ activities etc? (Basically, any special requirements or deal-breakers.)

Want to know our answers to the ultimate Wedding Venue Questions Checklist?

Download Checklist answered by The Nut Farm

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