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We are all excited to get into 2021 and leave the year 2020 behind. Now is an excellent opportunity for brides-to-be to make some New Year bride resolutions to help to keep the wedding planning on track.

Here is our inspirational list of resolutions to take into the new year. If you are engaged to be married in the year, you might like to use one or even all of our wedding ideas.


bride resolutions

Delegate Tasks

Even if you have hired a wedding planner, you need to take care of a long list of tasks. Your wedding planner can’t decide on color palettes, menus, or what style of wedding dress you wear. But, that doesn’t mean you have to take on all the tasks.

Many wedding tasks can be delegated out. If you have selected your bridal party, they can all be asked to take care of jobs including research, shopping and even making decorations. Parents and close family members are always happy to help and would probably be honored if you ask for help.

Even wedding guests can help if they have talent in certain areas. Is one of your friends a master cake maker? They could make the cake or some personalized sweets for the dessert table. Don’t be shy – they are probably waiting for you to ask.

Sometimes it’s not easy to delegate. Whatever you delegate know, you can check it and change it if you wish.


Book Important Vendors

Which wedding vendors are most important to you? Depending on where you live, some vendors get booked up very fast, or there may be a shortage of vendors, so you need to get in early.

It’s never too early to book a wedding vendor, especially for the services that are most important to you. If you are all about the flowers, book that florist as soon as they open their doors in the New Year.


Plan A DIY Project

If you are constantly wowed by the inspiring decorations you see on Pinterest, it might be a good idea if you try your hand at making some. It’s a lovely way to personalize your wedding decor and will impress your guests.


Start Bridal Routines

When it comes to routines, there are many that the bride can take on, including beauty, fitness and health. For health, it could mean mental health with some calming meditation, a beauty routine might include some spa trips and drinking lots of water and fitness might mean hitting the gym or some daily walks.


Book A Photoshoot

A photoshoot before the wedding can have so many wonderful uses. Here are some of the ways you can use beautiful photos from an engagement photoshoot.


  • To announce the wedding date (or save the date cards).
  • For your wedding website.
  • To display at the wedding in frames on the guest book table or other areas.
  • To use as thank you cards after the wedding.

We hope these ideas will serve you well as we head into the best year ever. 2021 is coming and it’s the year you will get married! Good luck with your resolutions and Happy New Year!



Is one of you bride resolution to book a venue?

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