Choosing a farm wedding setting or inside of a reclaimed barn could be a charming way to incorporate rustic components into your big day. Whether you need to play up your environment or create a day-of vibe that includes only hints of farm wedding life, it’s critical to keep in mind a refined aesthetic—so things don’t go over-the-top crafty!

To keep the sophistication of your day best priority, whereas still including in rustic stylistic layout, so to help give a few tips—like turning seed parcels into chic escort cards—for creating an occasion that’s doesn’t need style. Utilising drapery to embellish the interior beams of your barn ceremony location, playing up the colours of the season (whether the moody tints of drop or the pastel tones of spring), and incorporating garden florals into your table display as farm-to-table arrangements, are just some thoughts to consider when hosting a farm wedding of your own.

Farm Wedding 


1. Bring your reception outside

With most barns acclimated to faintly lit interiors, so set up an event space outside for part of your evening. Allowing your guests to eat and dance al fresco will immediately lift your guest experience.


Bring your reception outside


2. Reinvent everyday regular things

A interesting twist on a wedding staple, join farm elements into the day of design by turning seed packets into striking escort cards. Fresh foliage and blooms are frequently found in abundance on farms, and it makes all the sense in the world to incorporate and celebrate them in the overall wedding design.


turning seed packets into striking escort cards


3. Consider a moderate menu

Honouring classic farm design elements like vintage glassware, raw wood, and garden florals while considering a moderate approach to your food. The ‘less is more’ state of mind will make your design choices truly pop and bring home the feeling of a farm wedding with a present-day twist.


moderate approach to your food


4. Incorporate farm-to-table florals

Along with your flower of choice, take your centrepieces one step further by incorporating farm-to-table organic components. Set bowls of figs and plums on the tables and utilize unexpected fruits and vegetables such as pomegranates and artichokes in your centrepieces.


farm-to-table florals


5. Utilize draping

Make sure to utilize and enhance the existing design of the barn where the wedding will take place. To create a balance between rustic and elegant, embellish your venue with swaths of gauzy drape and other lavish fabrics.


Utilise draping


6. Reinvent antique things

Source vintage mirrors and perfume trays to make elegant signage with custom calligraphy. Include a metallic component to welcome signs and menu displays while still incorporating a personal feel.


Reinvent antique


7. Utilize Seasonal components

Rich, grouchy tones are of unending inspiration. For a harvest time event, blend shades of fig, marsala, and plum with classic wedding neutrals to give a nod to both the drama of fall and the timeless wedding design.


Seasonal components


8. Don’t forget to lookup

Accept lighting can elevate any farm wedding. Chandeliers and uplighting can transform the foremost rustic space into an rich reception venue. Including greenery to your lighting of choice can include indeed more romanticism to your plan.


lighting can elevate any farm wedding


9. Incorporate traditional farm elements

Harvest favourites, wooden boxes, and assorted greenery can add an element of whimsy and realness to your farm’s overall design. Decorate this fall wedding with a corner of garden favourites like apples, lush plants, and subtle elements of rustic decor.


traditional farm elements


10. Don’t disregard your entrance

The entrance of your barn, or scene, maybe an extraordinary put to join your wedding fashion. Tall flower arrangements and lovely hanging make this barn entrance stand out.


entrance of your farm wedding


11. Plan around golden hour

Make the foremost of your gorgeous setting with an open-air cocktail hour as the sunsets. At golden hour, the elegant set-up will include a touch of sophistication to your barn wedding.


open-air cocktail hour as the sun sets


12. Consider mocktails

We are always searching for a way to elevate that basic mocktail.  An alternative to the conventional cocktail, opting for mocktails may be a refreshing way to serve non-alcoholic drinks during your event. It’s truly basic to infuse a simple syrup with fresh thyme or rosemary; and after that garnish with a fresh sprig.




13. Incorporate seasonal food

Be continuously inspired by the extraordinary work of the farmers and build your menus around what they have at peak season. Considering this, as well as the couple’s food likes and dislikes, often directs the final menu.


seasonal food


14. Integrate custom signage

Add touches of innovation into your plan with custom signage. Include greenery and blush blooms to a modern welcome sign for these barn nuptials.

custom signage

Do you want a Farm Wedding?

Have a look at The Nut Farm, situated in Haties on a pecan nut farm

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