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A few couples dream about their perfect wedding day for decades. Others just see it as a civil acknowledgement of a contract and need to get it out of the way as rapidly as possible.

There are plenty of reasons why many couples might consider having two weddings. Struggling with pre-wedding nerves? This could be an incredible solution. Having a destination wedding and need to get the legitimate stuff out of the way, to begin with? A double wedding is the best solution!

Now, more than ever before, couples have a really great reason to make it official before the celebration: In light of COVID-19 pandemic that’s taking control of the globe, couples have been forced to delay their weddings until much later this year or even next year. But in an effort to still celebrate the date they first envisioned, brides and grooms are saying “I do” in intimate ceremonies at home or even through a live video like Facebook or Youtube.

COVID-19 pandemic Bride

Why Get Legally Married Before Your Wedding Day

1. You’ll be able to take the weight off of your wedding is the “perfect day.”

It’s no mystery that weddings are stressful events, but some of the time the stress level can be taken down a smidge by getting the emotion out of the way first. The most perfect way to do this? Let yourselves plunge into the passionate aspect of getting married earlier to your wedding day by having a ceremony without all your visitor’s display.

take the weight off of your wedding being the "perfect day."

2. You had to delay your wedding.

Whether you had to reschedule your wedding due to the circumstance surrounding COVID-19 or some other life circumstance, saying farewell to your original date can be an extreme pill to swallow. Rather than feeling pitiful and sad about the misfortune, turn the day into a celebration. If you’ll be able to tie the knot at City Hall, welcome your parents or closest relatives for an intimate celebration; should that not be a choice, look into just getting a local marriage officer to facilitate the ceremony and have your friends and family watch you live via Youtube or Facebook Live Video.

3. You will be able to truly focus on the intimacy of your vows.

Many couples prefer to have an intimate ceremony with just their witnesses present so they can completely focus on the commitment they’re making. On the off chance that you’re feeling overpowered about committing to a life with your partner before 100 plus guests, getting hitched sometime before the huge event may be the most spectacular alternative for you.

4. It’s an incredible way to lower your wedding day anxiety.

If you’re one to stress almost about everything and anything that may go wrong during your wedding ceremony, particularly before an enormous crowd of friends and family, getting hitched already may be an awesome choice to play down your what-if fears. By doing so, you can be able to look at your wedding as a party with friends and family instead of as a momentous event.

5. You’re having a destination wedding.

If you’re planning a destination wedding in another country, you’ll likely need to apply for your marriage license in your hometown. In this case, you’ll head to the local courthouse, fill out the essential paperwork, and become lawfully married. In the event that you’re planning a destination wedding in another country, you’ll get to check together with your state’s requirements for transferring a marriage license from country to country. It’s a clear process, but each country has its own set of rules, and it may be vital for you to have your legally official ceremony close to home before heading off to your destination wedding.

6. You’ll continuously select to keep your legitimate wedding a secret.

The best thing around having a courthouse ceremony earlier to your wedding is that no one even has to even

know almost it. You’ll take along a handful of your closest friends as witnesses, but they can effortlessly be sworn to secrecy in the event that you’d lean towards keeping it a secret.

legitimate wedding a secretAnd Some added Bonus points:

  • Less panic for you = Less bridezilla for others (so Your friends will be happier).
  • You’ll keep a more reasonable budget by saving tons of money.
  • You’ll savour your love more with it just being the two of you.
  • You can do whatever you want, without guilt
  • Two words: Two dresses

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