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There may be a way to have everyone you want there without being there physically: Live Stream your Wedding! Whether you are getting married in a destination wedding location or have guests who simply can’t make the trip or facing COVID-19 restrictions, there are many reasons why people might not be able to attend your wedding. The good news is, thanks to the age of technology.

Before you setup up the camera, though, there are a few things you should take into consideration.

Live Stream your WeddingWhy Live Stream your Wedding?

So many technology improvements and advances over the years have already proven that technology is making its mark on weddings, so it’s natural that live streaming has become such natural thing, too.

It can come into play when family members are ill and can’t travel to the venue, can’t afford to attend, regulations, or are otherwise tied up. Those who have a public persona, like social media influencers, bloggers, or TV personalities, may want to share the moment with followers in real-time too.

The Etiquette of Live Streaming

If you’re going the live streaming route, it’s crucial to remember that this should be treated as a fallback just for those who regrettably can’t attend the wedding.  Do not offer this as an option on your invite unless it is absolutely necessary and you know the majority or most important people cannot make it. Then make it an option.

Live Stream the most important bits: Ceremony, Speeches, First Dance, cutting of the cake, throwing of the bouquet and garter. Stick to the important parts. As live streaming your wedding, everything might not be pleasant to a guest who has one too many to drink being on camera.

How to Do It

Once you’ve settled on live streaming your wedding, you’ll want to make sure that you test the Internet connection at the venue beforehand or make sure that your videographer or Photographer or Live Streaming Expert has his/her own stable internet connection.

WIFI has gotten better over the years for live streaming, but a camera that can be connected to a laptop and a wired Internet connection works best with the weddings if its available. Also, many venues now have live-stream capabilities. Ask if there is an extra fee to stream your wedding using the venue’s WIFI.

A professional will be able to troubleshoot any problems on the day of and work with the videographer and photographer to ensure that those tuning in feel like they’re a part of the wedding.

DIY Live Stream

Want to DIY? You can always go the social media route with Facebook Live, Instagram Live, or YouTube Live or use dedicated live streaming services like DaCast or Alternately, if you’re hiring a videographer for the event, ask if they could live stream the wedding and make a recording of it instead of recording and editing later.

Even if you’re handling it yourself (or delegating to your most tech-savvy friend), make sure to talk it over with your venue, your wedding planner, and any relevant vendors to ensure its smooth sailing that day and that all parts of the wedding can be streamed. For example, make sure you get the green light from any musician playing at your ceremony to confirm he or she is okay with having his or her performance online.

By confirming beforehand, you can make sure your vows are the only thing on your mind on your wedding day!

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