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Congratulations! Being engaged is a major step in your life and we couldn’t be more excited for you. You’re probably eager to start planning your epic day, right? However, when it comes to who, where, when – the whole notion can become slightly overwhelming, but not to worry, we have the secret to managing everything like a pro. The trick is proper timing and breaking down the process into smaller tasks. We will go through the most essential ones by sharing a wedding timeline checklist that is specially tailored to help you pull off everything flawlessly.

Wedding Timeline

12 months before the wedding timeline

This may seem further away, but setting up the basics will be your lifesaver! In fact, there are many important planning tasks to be considered 12 months out. 

  • Budget

The starting point will always be drafting your budget. Naturally, this is a crucial step because first, you’ll know how much you’re willing to spend, and secondly, it will also help you filter less important things and prioritize others.

  • Guest List

The next thing is having a rough idea of how large you want your celebration to be. Having a guest list number will help you with the wedding planning and solve questions like booking the venue, the number of invitations, catering, etc.

  • Formalities, theme and style

Have you thought about your formalities, theme and style? This is the perfect time to discover your preferences and get a feel about your dream wedding vision. Pop a bottle of wine with your partner, relax and discuss your options together. If you are having trouble narrowing things down, then go over the basics – what do you both like and what are the no-no’s when it comes to your big day?

Finally, you should select your venue and discuss catering options. A year in advance is recommended to visit different locations and discover which one fits your style the most. Take your time and see how the venues look and feel. Do you like the gardens? The industrial modern feel? Rustic aesthetic? How will the surroundings look in the season when you will be tying the knot? The venue will set the tone so we recommend trusting your gut and select the one that is aligned with your vision. Discuss catering options. Does the venue have its own catering or do you have to book a separate one? Go over the menu options and inquire if the menu can be altered to fit your needs. As the food sampling is best done in the same season of your wedding, 12 months out is the right period to be trying out some delicacies.

  • Wedding Planner

This is of course optional, but hiring a wedding planner or at least a coordinator will save you a lot of time and nerves, making sure the planning process runs smoothly. Please have a look at our friends at MK Events 

11 months before the wedding

  • Hire suppliers that get booked quickly

This part of the wedding timeline is crucial because we are talking about professionals who book up quickly. That includes your photographer, videographer and DJ or band. Make sure to go out with them before making any decisions especially when it comes to your photographer. This is someone who will be with you the whole day so you need to find a professional with whom you click!

9-10 months before the wedding

  • Wedding Dress

The most exciting part, right? 9-10 months is perfect to look and shop for your ideal gown. This will also allow plenty of time for any alterations and adjustments. If you don’t know what you’re looking for just yet, visit different bridal boutiques and try on some designs. Eventually, you will find “the one”.

  • Save the Date & wedding website

Send out your Save the Date invites and create a wedding website. It will notify your guests and give them time to think about attending. Additionally, a website will also keep them updated about essential information.

  • Decide on a colour scheme

Defining a colour scheme will help you envision your decor and floral designs. Tips to help you choose: make an inspirational board on Pinterest and analyse which colours you are most drawn to. Also analyze your style, interior and clothes.

8 months before the wedding

  • Wedding florist

Scout for a florist and present them with your ideas. When booking, it is vital to meet in person and discuss. You need someone that will fit both your budget, vision and expectations.

7 months before the wedding

  • Rentals

This includes decor, linens, draping, lighting, chairs and tables (if needed). It is part of the wedding timeline that is ideal for ensuring these elements are available for your big day.

  • Officiant

To make it official and legalise your marriage, find and book the right person to officiate your ceremony.

5 months before the wedding

  • Rent or buy a wedding suit

5 months out will give you plenty of time to browse and decide on a suit. Plus, if alterations are needed, everything will be sorted without rushing.

  • Wedding party attire

Why now? Because your bridesmaids and groomsmen may need alterations as well. Moreover, having 5 months to choose the right designs and ensure that they will all be ready before the day is the safest timing.

  • Transport and accommodation

Think about hiring transport services for you (if needed) and for out of town guests. Don’t forget to make any accommodation reservations as well.

3-4 months before the wedding

  • Final food sampling and deciding on the menu

Another one of the most fun experiences from your wedding planning journey is finalizing the food menu and sampling. The food can make or break the guest experience so make sure you are choosing well. Personalising the meals is always something to consider in order to deliver a memorable event.

  • Wedding invitations

4 months out, search for the right professional to curate your stationery. Once ready, 3 months out is the proper timing to send the invitations. This will allow your guests to make plans in advance. The RSVP should be 1 month due, so you can finalise the guest number.

  • Wedding cake

Browse for inspiration and present it to your wedding cake artist. Decide on the most beautiful design aligned with your theme.

  • Wedding rings

Go for wedding rings shopping and make sure the designs match your engagement ring.

  • Wedding vows

Start brainstorming and write your vows. If you are feeling stuck, just unwind from the wedding planning and open your heart.

1 month before the wedding

  • Visit the venue

Have a final visit and make sure everything is planned – the food and menu, setting, final guest count, etc. If the venue has a wedding coordinator and you have opted for this service, this is the time to give them your final function sheet.

  • Pay your suppliers

Start sorting your payments and keep in mind to pay your chosen professionals for their impending service.

  • Song list

Have you finalised your song selection? Present it with your DJ or band.

  • Seating chart

Once the guest number is clear, you can start curating the seating chart.

  • Pick up wedding attire

Make final alterations if needed.

  • Pick up the marriage license

Final Week

This is the final week! Sort any minor tasks but mostly, we recommend unwinding, resting and relaxing. Book a spa or maybe a weekend getaway in nature.

Sticking to a wedding timeline will keep you organized and help you manage the planning process easily! Searching for the right venue for your nuptials? We invite you to book a tour at The Nut Farm and feel whether we are your friends! We would be so excited to become a part of your most special day.