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Everything that you need to remember suddenly sucks the joy out of that wedding glow. One thing that is sometimes overlooked is the bag you need to pack for the night before and the night of.  I made a list “Packing for Wedding” that worked for me and it came in handy when the train in my brain left the station two days before my big day.


  • Pre-wedding clothes
  • Wedding dress, veil and headpiece
  • Shoes, hosiery and undergarments
  • Bridal slippers or flats
  • Handbag or clutch
  • Keepsake Garter & Toss Garter, handkerchief
  • Departure Outfit, if changing


  • Cosmetics, Perfume and Toiletries
  • Jewelry and accessories
  • Sunglasses, glasses, contacts
  • Something old, new, borrowed and blue
  • Copy of wedding vows, if writing your own
  • Gift or card for Groom
  • Wedding bands and clean Engagement ring
  • Prescription Medication
  • A separate tote/suitcase as your Honeymoon Bag


  • Cell Phone and charger
  • Songs or Music (that you promised to bring, or to keep you relaxed)
  • Wedding Folio
  • Copies of vendor and bridal party contact list and timeline for the day
  • Copies of guest list, meal choices, and seating diagram
  • Copies of Photo shot list
  • Misc.
  • Driver’s License and/or Passport
  • Airline flight tickets

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