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Pizza At Your Wedding? Mama Mia! Who doesn’t love pizza? It can come in so many delicious flavours. Pizza is colourful and is often served up at parties. So why not serve it at the party of your life – at your wedding reception! We say it is a unique and trendy idea that is innovative and cool.

The idea of dishing up pizza at a wedding might not seem elegant to some, but it’s just right with pepperoni on top for certain kinds of weddings. If you are having a ballroom reception at the Ritz, it might not be on point. But for the garden, barn, farm or outdoor weddings, pizza is simply delizioso.

For a casual wedding reception, pizza can be a tasty addition to the buffet line. Or it can be served at the after-party late at night when people certainly could use a snack. Some couples even serve mini bite pizzas at cocktail hour to tide guests over until mealtime while they are away having bridal portraits taken. During the wedding day, there are many times that it can be appropriate to serve pizza, apart from when your tribe is getting ready.

Pizza can be served on rustic wooden blocks already sliced up to make it easy for guests to put on their plates. Make some signs to say what kind of pizza it is and make sure you have the right utensils and lots of napkins. Presentation is key when it comes to incorporating pizza into your wedding day without making it look like the chef didn’t turn up and so you ordered takeout instead.

Ask your caterer what kinds of pizza are popular for weddings. Gourmet pizzas with fancy cheese and exotic toppings can bring up the element of elegance. Salami, garlic greens and taleggio pizza or broccoli, spiced sausage, fennel and chili pizza sound mouth-watering tempting. Then the classics like cheese and pepperoni are always in fashion. You can even add dessert pizza if you are a huge pizza lover.

Stay away from messy versions of pizza, such as ones with too many toppings or lots of sauce. Thin crusted pizza that isn’t too oily is much easier to eat than a pan crust pizza with surf and turf pizzas with the works.

Pizzas are an easy way to offer guests meals with dietary restrictions such as allergies or who are vegan or vegetarian. They don’t take long to make and also can be prepared in advance without compromising the taste.

Pizza is affordable, so it’s a great way to bulk up the menu, especially if you have a big wedding or a tight budget.

Your guests might be surprised to see pizza on the menu at your wedding, especially any traditional guests like grandparents who probably think pizza at a wedding should only be for kids. But for sure, they will love it, especially if it is presented brightly and creatively. Talking to couples who have gone Italian-style with the menu by serving up pizzas, they tell us it was a big hit. Indeed pizza is filling comfort food and for many, an indulgence that fits the celebratory mood of a wedding.

Some newlyweds have given mini pizza boxes to guests as they go home to have a midnight snack. It can replace the more traditional thank you bags that are giving as farewell souvenirs at many weddings. This can also be a great way to fend off a potential hangover.

We hope this article has inspired you to consider pizza for your wedding day. If you want to take flavours, just drop us a line and the chef will be excited to make some creative suggestions.

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