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If you are planning a wedding in 2021, let us start by saying hurray, congratulations and blessings to you both because this is such a wonderful time of life to be celebrated.

If wedding planning hasn’t become a significant part of your life, it is about to because there is so much to arrange – flowers, cake flavors, jewelry, dresses, decor and much more! Hopefully, the whole process is enjoyable and fun. If you are planning a wedding in 2021, here are some things you need to know that will make your wedding planning experience more joyful.


Book The Venue And Vendors ASAP

The coming wedding season is set to be busy. Many couples who postponed their weddings in 2020 will be looking to tie the knot, so the dates likely could fill up quickly. As soon as you book your venue and wedding date, start contacting vendors. You can research and find the makeup artist of your dreams and the coolest DJ in town while still finding your venue.

Every couple places a different priority on wedding vendors. For some, the florist and caterer are the most important ones, while others consider the officiant and band more important. Talk to your partner and find out what wedding services are most important to you. If certain services are in demand, get in early – the early bridesmaid catches the bouquet!


Make Sure Venues And Vendors Are Flexible

In your excitement of finding out the violinist is available on your wedding date, don’t forget to check all the details. Ensure all wedding vendors are flexible with changing dates if your wedding has to be postponed for any reason, including Covid. Also, make sure they are flexible with other terms and conditions such as payments.


Be Aware Of Numbers

Keep your numbers low and see later if you might be able to increase them. If you are planning well in advance (6-12 months, for example) and hope to increase the guest list numbers later, make sure your venue can accommodate the possible change.

Try to stay upbeat and optimistic as you navigate planning a wedding in 2021. We sure are living in changing times and nobody can predict the future. We might be back to some kind of normal with the introduction of a vaccine soon, or we may find ourselves back in lockdown or with semi-permanent social distancing rules. What we do know is love will, as it always has throughout history, conquer all. Love shines bright in every season and gives up hope and inspiration for the future.


Planning A Wedding In 2021?

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