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Elevate your guest’s experience with a Wedding Cake Station.

There is a new rising wedding trend when it comes to desserts. It is called a Wedding Cake Station, and couples seem to simply adore it!

The cons of having a traditional cake ~

The wedding cake is a symbol of unity. It represents the wishes of the couple to have an abundant and sweet life together, but so many couples find the large cake with multiple levels outdated. It’s expensive and limiting in so many ways, from deciding on a flavour that everyone likes to the size of the slices. Luckily, there is a wedding cake alternative that will enchant everyone. Here, you can have your cake AND eat it! We’re talking about a whole dessert station including the cake!

What is a Wedding Cake Station?

A wedding cake station is a designated dessert table. It can be an artful masterpiece decorated in the style you want. It can hold an abundance of sweet pastries, wedding cupcakes, truffles, cups of puddings, confections, and even candy boxes. In addition, it is a great spot for your party favours too! It will completely level up your wedding reception aesthetic, and every guest will love it. After all, with so many options to choose from, any sweet tooth will be satisfied!

Creative tips for your dessert paradise

  •        Make sure you include a variety of flavours, as you want every guest to find a dessert they love,
  •       Define the quantity and size of desserts. Miniatures are the best choice, and not all the guests          will go for a desert. In the middle, you can have a modern wedding cake design that will serve          as a focal point,
  •       Get creative! Go for a themed dessert station or even a DIY one. Put waffles or a yoghurt                    dispenser with a variety of creams, colourful toppings, and decorations. Your loved ones can              help themselves and make their own combinations.

The dessert station will literally be the sweet spot of the wedding reception! You can include a small elegant cake if you still want to have the cake-cutting photo fun.

We’re happy to show you the best location for your dessert station during a tour of our venue, which you can book here.