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Every couple wants to give their guests a favour that is unique to their wedding. But its always a mission to figure out what to give your guests that is unique to you, that isn’t useless and never boring. So why not use some of the following ideas and just personalize it to your theme. So, get gifting with these great Wedding Favor Ideas that we know you will love.


Wedding Favor Ideas


Mini Champagne Bottles

Keep the celebration going even when the wedding has ended, send your guests home with mini bottles of your favorite bubbly. Personalized with custom labels. But don’t worry if you don’t want bubbly you can use anything you like: wine, beer, juice or even your favorite liqueur it is up to you.


Mini Champagne Bottles


Tea Towels

This is one for all the people who love pretty things for their kitchens. Its unexpected from traditional favors point of view but we just love the idea. If you are particular cleaning up spills and wiping a counter, and then your fancy tea towels that are exclamation point just for décor (if you didn’t know, now you do). Either way beautiful tea towels make lovely wedding favors, especially if you know that you and most of your wedding guests loves cooking. Personalize them by having a calligrapher decorate them with a unique quote that guests would love to show off in their own homes.



Cocktail shakers

Very similar to mini champagne bottles, cocktail shaker favors will remind guests of your special day whenever they’re mixing up their favorite drinks at home. A classic stainless-steel cocktail shaker is something they’ll use for years and years after the big day.


Cocktail shakers


Garden seeds

Packets of garden seeds are wedding favour ideas that keep on giving and is good for our environment. This is an ideal gift if you’re having an outdoor wedding at a garden or farm venue or if your wedding is an eco-friendly theme or a vegan wedding. For the most useful seeds, choose easy-to-grow plants that boom both indoors and outdoors — like lemongrass, basil, chives, lavender, garlic chives, rosemary and mint.



Personalised blankets

If the weather is going to be chilly on your wedding day (or you are getting married during the winter months), keep your guests warm and cozy by providing fleece blankets. Personalize them with your wedding monogram, date, beautiful quote or initials. After you’re married, everyone will be reminded of your special day whenever they curl up with the blanket at home.



Infused olive oil

Foodies will love what’s next on our list of wedding favor ideas. Treat your guests to bottles or jars of gourmet infused olive oil that they can use when cooking at home. You can even include a card with your favorite recipe or tips about how to use the dressing that will blow their minds. We especially love this idea if you’re getting married at a pastoral venue, like a farm, orchard or vineyard.



Parasols or umbrellas

Parasols and umbrellas are fun wedding favor ideas for a beach or summertime or rainy-day weddings. Choose ones that match your wedding color or theme, or mix-and-match for a magically whimsical look. They’ll keep your guests comfortable in the shade, not to mention that they’re also adorable props for your wedding photos. If you think it might rain on your wedding day, swap the paper parasols for umbrellas. Your guests will definitely thank you!



Hand Fans

Use a fun Hand Fan at your Spring or Summer wedding, either personalized or just in your wedding colors.  These practical and pretty wedding fan favors will keep your guests cool while they watch your ceremony and attend your reception. These stylish wedding fans can also give your wedding a southern feel, or perhaps add an Asian or oriental element.  Fans can also make stunning place card holders as well, simply add a place card made of thin paper and weave it through the bamboo stems.


Hand Fans

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