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There are a lot of factors that can influence your wedding photos, rain, wind, bad photography, bad camera and the list goes on. But now we are going to talk light and how it can make or break your photos.

An experienced photographer will know how to deal with it however we want to give you the knowledge too, so you can know how to avoid them. So, first things first you need to visit your venue at the same time as your wedding so that you can get a general idea of the light you will have (preferably the same time and month of the year). That way you can have plans of actions with your team of vendors even before the big day happens.


Wedding Photos


Partial Shadows

Outdoor ceremonies are the number one way lighting can impact your wedding photos. Partial Shade can cause the light to hit various spots in a photo differently, for example, one person’s face to another. And in the end, you want you and your partners face clearly in the photos. But if you are going for a moody photo effect then totally own and rock the shade.


Partial Shadows Wedding Portrait


Direct Sunlight

Whilst direct sunlight is better than partial shadows it can make your wedding photos come out to bright or too harsh (not even talking about sunburn). Whether its direct or partial light this will have an effect on the colour of your photos – Direct sun light will give your photos yellow hues (it can be great if that’s the vibe your going for). But having a seasoned photographer will be such a huge advantage in dealing with the light on the day or if need be colour adjustments while they are editing.

So as long as they know what they are doing you are in good hands. A quick tip: Doesn’t matter which light you are going for deciding and move your ceremony slightly to accommodate the light you want (whether is partial with you and your hubby as the only ones in the direct light or everyone in the shadows it’s up to you).


Direct Sunlight Wedding Photo


Back Lighting

Having your ceremony indoors with spectacular window behind the podium, whilst this looks breath-taking in real life, when it comes to lighting behind you and your partner during the ceremony will give you shadow faces in the photos and a blown out back ground. Easy tip to fix this is to flip the ceremony layout or diffuse the light with beautiful curtains. A master of back lighting is Darrell Fraser


Back Light Wedding Photo


Artificial Lighting

When going for an indoor ceremony, be vigilant of artificial lighting. Some spaces might have no windows at all and that’s perfectly fine. As long as the light that is added isn’t florescent or shining on someone’s face your good. If there is enough windows that provide enough light for your photographer, simply ask the venue to switch of their lights. Dazzling tip: Use and embrace dim lights with candles or string lights. – Just let your photographer know before hand on your plans.


Artificial Lighting Wedding Photos


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