It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a traditional or modern vibe, formal or casual, there are so many ways to make your wedding décor stand out from the rest. Unique wedding table number ideas are an intuitive way to add a creative flair to your special day that will create reception details that all your guests will remember. If you decided to give your tables numbers instead of names, these table number ideas are worth having a look at.


Wedding table number ideas:

1. Address Numbers

Re-purpose a house number, repaint it, add bling, add flowers. They are super contemporary and you can pop them up against a centrepiece, hang them from a wine bottle or give them a base. It’s up to you.

Address Numbers

2. Acrylic Boxes

Stack some personalized acrylic boxes in different sizes on each table. You can play around with the number of boxes you want to use and what you want to say. You can use any font that you fancy. You can even put some greenery inside.

Acrylic Boxes Wedding Table Number Idea3. Tiles

You can re-purpose Mexican Talavera or Italian tiles, they provide a fun, bold and unique flair to any wedding. That will catch any guests eye.

Wedding Table Number Idea4. Glitter

Glitter never gets old. It’s chic and brings a little bling to any table. Whether you are using rose gold, gold, silver, white or black they all are gorgeous.

Glitter Wedding Table Number Idea5. Bottles

Re-purpose your table wines as table numbers too. It’s a beautiful and clever way to have 2 purposes for one item saving you money and still looking great. Simply print personalised table number labels for the wines placed on the table.  Simple yet elegant and fun.

Bottles Wedding Table Number Idea6. Flag and Stand

Hang an adorable number flag from a metallic or wood stand, make it blend with colour pallet and theme.

Flag and Stand Wedding Table Number Idea7. Acrylic Circles

Clear acrylic circles on their own bases are clean, simple with an urban feel.

Acrylic Wedding Table Number Idea8. Wine Corks

Save up your wine corks and re-purpose them by making your table numbers with them. Its simple and looks great.

Wine Corks Wedding Table Number Idea9. Light Bulbs

For an industrial flair use an Edison shape light bulb as your table number. You can even have it light up to add to your ambience of the reception. For Carbon Filament (old school) light bulb options, have a click here.

Light Bulbs Wedding Table Number Idea10. Mirrors

Gives tables a vintage glam vibe.

Mirrors Wedding Table Number Idea11. Anniversary Books

Have a blank page book as your table number (each table number written on the cover will be for a different wedding anniversary), let the guest write messages inside. And each year you open the corresponding book to that year as a cherished memory.

Anniversary Books Wedding Table Number Idea

Looking for more unique wedding table number ideas?

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