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Love in any country is a universal language but getting hitched has different wedding traditions all over the world. So, let us dive right into all the different traditions and be amazed.


Different Wedding Traditions Around the Globe


Wedding Traditions:



In Italy they throw confetti, but that doesn’t mean scarps of paper like you would think but rather all sorts of sugary treats like sugared almonds which the guests receive as the wedding favours at the reception.


Wedding Traditions Italy



The bride and groom releases two doves during the reception that represents a long, peaceful and harmony filled life together.


Wedding Traditions Philippines



What better way to test their bond and strength than sawing a log in half in front of all their guests. This represents their ability to work together and face any obstacles that might come their way throughout their marriage.


Wedding Traditions Germany



In the amazing and beloved Japanese tradition of san-san-kudo, the couple takes three sips each from flat sake cups and then their parents do the same. This tradition bonds the two families together.


Wedding Traditions Japan



Grooms give their mother-in-law’s wild geese or ducks. This animal represents the groom’s pure intentions and loyalty to his wife. As times have become modernized some weddings the husband and wife exchange wooden geese and ducks on their wedding day to signify their commitment to one another.


Wedding Traditions Korea



The groom wears a ring of flowers around his neck. The bride participates as well.


Wedding Traditions Pakistan



They perform the blackening by taking the couple out the day before the wedding and plied with alcohol and covered in treacle, ash, feathers and flour by their friends and family. This mess was originally done to avoid evil spirits and bring good luck.


Wedding Traditions Scotland



They serve a croquembouche which is a truly delightful tower of cream filled pastry puff dipped in numerous sauces as a deliciously gorgeous wedding cake. They decorate it with any numbers of fruits, flowers, nuts and glazes.  For the reception though they have another tradition called La Soupe, which left over food is gathered in a toilet (or toilet like bowl) which they need to eat from that will bring them good luck.


Wedding Traditions France



Caribbean countries often serve a dark cake made from fruits and rum. This same cake can be served at Christmas and has lots in common with a traditional Christmas Fruit Cake.


Wedding Traditions Jamaica



The Brides sisters play a trick on the groom by stealing his shoes once he enters the wedding tent. He must then bride them to get the shoes back before he exits the tent.


Wedding Traditions India



As the couple leaves the village the brides father spits on his daughter’s head and chest so as to not jinx their good fortune.


Wedding Traditions Kenya



A mock abduction game is common before wedding ceremonies take place. The bride is kidnapped by friends, family or hired entertainers, the groom must then come to her rescue and pay her ransom through drinks, money or romantic gestures.


Wedding Traditions Romania

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