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Perhaps Pantone had 2021 brides and grooms in mind when they selected gray and yellow as the colors that would be influential next year. We certainly are hoping for a bright New Year and nothing is more cheery than yellow. 

We can’t overlook the pandemic when it comes to wedding trends 2021, as it has majorly influenced how weddings are planned. 

Here are some of the wedding trends we see predicted for the coming wedding season. 

Intimate Weddings

Many couples who were forced to have micro weddings paved the way for the brides of 2021. They had small ceremonies and got married with fewer guests than they had planned for. The newlyweds came back from their honeymoons with stories of how great their small wedding was because:

  • They had more quality time with the guests who were able to attend.
  • They had an intimate wedding that was romantic and personal.
  • They saved a lot of money on wedding costs such as food and drink.

This positive attitude gave 2021 brides hope and inspiration to plan their weddings with much smaller guest lists than they once imagined. Some even talked about having a huge wedding bash on their tenth anniversary by renewing their vows and inviting everyone they wanted. Love and hope are powerful combinations and are being infused into 2021 weddings in the most beautiful ways.

Elaborate Florals

Who doesn’t adore flowers? At a wedding, flowers are often the feature decoration and many 2021 brides are putting a lot of the budget into the florals. Even couples who are eloping are spending more on amazing archways that can be used for the ceremony and dinner to make the most of the perfect petals on every bloom.

Ceremony Live Streaming

For wedding guests who can’t make the wedding ceremony live streaming is the next best thing. Many videography companies are offering the service as an add-on to wedding video packages so friends and family can tune in and enjoy the ceremony from the comfort of their couches. 

Flexible Wedding Dates

Many more venues and wedding vendors offer flexible wedding date the peace of mind of knowing you can change your wedding date if needed without huge penalty or financial cost than in previous times. We expect to see more and more of these kinds of flexible terms and conditions as we move through next year. 

We love all of these wedding trends predicted for 2021 and look forward to the trends emerging as we enter the new year.