It’s just about 11pm. The DJ is still spinning your favourite hits and your guests are still rocking out with you on the dance floor—but there’s just one more thing the night needs to end perfectly: Late Night Wedding Guest Snacks. Your guests have gotten themselves a great workout on the dance floor, and that means they’ve burned off a lot of the calories they ate earlier. Why not treat them to some late-night fuel them for that final stretch of the night?

Wedding Guest Snacks
Here as some ideas to help you feed your guests:


I mean…it’s pizza. Everyone loves it. It’s easy to eat and can be done in many ways. Give your guests the gift of a late-night slice of pizza to curb that hunger. The beauty of pizza is all the different toppings you can go with. Or you can go with the classic cheese pie. Whatever you choose, your guests will definitely be happy that you made this one of your late-night wedding snacks.

Pizza Late Night Snack


These cheesy treats are bound to make your guests smile. Make them with plain cheese or mix it up with meat and salsa. You can make a variety of these for the different preferences your guests have. You can add salsa, guacamole, and sour cream on the side for dipping. Quesadillas are simple and easy snacks that everyone can enjoy.



Popcorn has long been a late-night snack for any occasion. It’s easy to make, and can be done in many variations. You can set up a popcorn machine where your guests can go grab it themselves, and you can even create custom popcorn boxes with your initials on them to add a nice custom touch.



You can arrange different flavoured marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolates around the “fire” so your guests can put together their own delicious snack. For a fun twist on traditional s’ mores, use chocolate caramel square instead of a piece of milk chocolate!

Late Night Wedding Guest Snacks 1

Nuts, dried fruit and Biltong

Have a variety of nuts, dried fruit and biltong out. Nuts are high in protein and energy, dried fruit for a bit of sweetness and biltong well it’s an all-time favourite.

Yes, we have a wood-burning pizza oven for Wedding Guest Snacks

Talk to our passionate wedding coordinator about what you would like for your snacks.
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