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If you are getting married in the next few upcoming months, you might be wondering how will you ever pull this off when you are incapable of meeting potential and already booked vendors? Virtually plan your wedding

Like all meetings in the world at this moment, your appointments with vendors have to be virtual – for now. Everything has to be done over the Internet or WIFI, which means you have to shift how you plan, see and use what you have at your disposal. There are many solutions it’s about working with every vendor part of your wedding and potentially part of your wedding. And how and when would suit everyone?

You can do a Facebook Video Call, Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp Video Call which would be the easiest if you have to see something either wise a phone call will do. If its specific questions or arrangements you want a record of always send an email after any call to confirm what was said, just to cover all basis. Communication is the most important key to making sure everything is on point for your day and making sure that there are no misunderstandings.

Of course, each vendor is different and would require different ways of communication. So, find what works for each of them and yourself.


Virtually plan your wedding


Virtually Plan Your Wedding



The most important puzzle piece in your wedding day is finding the best venue for you. If you cannot see the venue in person setup a mobile video call so that the venue coordinator can take you on a walkthrough of the venue. Or request a pre-recorded video if there is one available. Either way you would then be able to see all the spaces and ask any questions you might have. Of course, once life goes back to normal you can then go for an in-person venue walkthrough just to see everything up close and personal. You can book your walkthrough tour here


wedding ceremony area



Most stationers are already set to go for virtual meetings, as their whole setup is digital design that can be pre-approved electronically (for when they work remotely or every day generally). So, send your ideas, get them designing and receive the digital proofs for you to ok. If you’re a little worried about how they will look printed as for 1 printed item of each and have them make a video or take photos so you can have a look.


Wedding Stationary


Hair and Make-up

Sadly, with social distancing trials for the time being is a big no-no. So, get as many pictures of what you want along photos of your own hair so she can clearly see what must be done. Make an inspiration board, schedule virtual meeting so you can discuss the virtual inspiration board, recommendations etc. Go over reviews, contact previous brides, make sure you get what you need. Once it eases up you can always do the trials straight away.


wedding makeup


Wedding Dress

If you already purchased a wedding dress and your wedding day is at the end of the year not much would change in terms of appointments and fittings. However, if your wedding is in the next few months and you do not want to re-schedule your date it becomes a bit tricky. If your dress is already ordered and scheduled for delivery then no worries.

But if you haven’t yet ordered your dress you need to get it right, have a family member take your measurements properly so that you can send that with an order (rather get too many measurements than too little). Setup virtual meetings to view how the dressmaking is progressing. If you buy it in an online shop makes it a bit easier nowadays.


Wedding Dress


Photographer and Videographer

Thank the heavens it is so easy to view both photographers and videographers work as they can simply share their past events photos and videos with you. You can have a look at reviews and chat with past clients and get a feel of them by also doing a virtual meet and greet video call.  So, they are easy-peezy. If you would like to be a little more hand on to the photos you would like taken and their locations, have a 3-person video call so they can see the areas of interest at the venue and then end with the example photos of what you would like. It’s easy and can be done with no stress.





Instead of being able to view the flowers first hand they are relying on clients to go through the photos of their past week, clients inspiration boards and virtual video call meetings to discuss what the clients want and need and to do mock setups before hand and video calling the client to show them or taking photos  to progress to final result that the bride agrees to (just keep in mind that mock setups are not free). So even with these trying times you have everything at your fingertips, so use what you have to the best of your ability.


Wedding Flowers


Marriage Officer

Luckily most marriage officer are either your pastor that you already know so you can discuss everything over email as this isn’t their first rodeo. But if you are using someone you don’t know, google them, go though their reviews, ask your questions on email and setup a final video call before you book them. Luckily this is an easy task that doesn’t take to much planning and they will guide you through everything.


Marriage Officer



Video calling works great for exchanging ideas with your band or dj. You can also send them a list of songs to be played at certain times as well what type of music not to play. So, they are fairly easy to arrange and manage virtually.


Wedding Band


Venue Catering

Because you wont be able to do a tasting at the moment don’t worry before you booked your venue you would have gone through the food reviews and by now you know people say its great so arrange the tasting the day before your wedding a pre-wedding dinner.  Alternatively, you can always arrange a tasting take away style and have them deliver it to you if that would ease your mind. Then simply do a video call with feed back and discussions.


Venue Catering



Similar to catering in the tasting aspect you can arrange a take way style with mini cakes in the flavors you would like to try, for the look make sure you send your inspiration board and schedule a video call to discuss everything from A-Z.


Wedding Cake


Planner and Designer

Video call is the norm at the moment together with emails, inspiration boards, video and photo mock-ups etc. to arranging and confirming everything. (Remember you pay for mockups). So, if you were stressed because you couldn’t meet face to face don’t worry using all the tools like video calling, inspiration boards, video and photo mockups will have you covered.


Wedding Planner


Virtually plan your wedding, no stress no worries.

Need some virtual help?

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